Review of “Vinyl Countdown” musical slots game

Microgaming is one of the top names in online casino software. They have designed different kinds of games, including slot machines. One fun-filled game they have created is a slot machine game known as Vinyl Countdown. This online casino slot machine game is a five reeled machine. With a total of 9 paylines, Vinyl Countdown does permit as many as 9 coins to be played at a time.

Players of Vinyl Countdown will find that the graphics in the game are very clear and feature bright colours. The sounds that the game makes are traditional ones with music from the era, the 1950’s. The game’s theme centers on that decade and the vinyl records on which music was recorded.

Images from this decade are the symbols found on the reels of the Vinyl Countdown slot machine. The jukebox symbol is the wild symbol which can substitute for other symbols in order to provide additional chance to win. The only symbol it cannot replace is the scatter symbol, the glitter ball. This symbol can only appear on the three middle reels of the game. Symbols feature different desserts from the era including a milkshake, cream caramel, waffle, banana split and ice cream sundae. Two characters are on the reels. One of this is a greaser who looks like Elvis Presley. The other is a preppie female from the decade.

You can play here two different game modes. One of these is regular mode which is the normal way to play the game. The other is expert mode which offers players advanced features. For example, the game can be set to autoplay. By choosing this feature, players can play automatically without having to click anything on the screen. Two buttons, spin 5x and spin 10x also appear in expert mode. This means the reels will automatically spin that many times before stopping. This makes playing Vinyl Countdown at an online casino quite easy.


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