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Josh Gracin, “We Weren’t Crazy” Lyric Street

by LK

You’d be crazy to miss the latest work of Michigan native and Idol graduate Josh Gracin. The long-awaited follow-up to his self-titled debut album is a sure bet for a good listen. Gracin’s charming vocals are paired with excellent musical arrangements to produce a truly enjoyable and masterful album. While it doesn’t lose the playfulness of the first album, with songs like “Favorite State of Mind” and “Livin It Up” (soooo like Jason Michael Carroll’s “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”) perhaps the album’s greatest work is ballads such as “Sweet September” and “I Keep Coming Back.” “Telluride” will ignite your feelings and tug at your heartstrings as you reflect back on that one special person that lit up your life when you first met.

As you’d expect from an Idol contestant, Gracin is just as stellar in concert as his album suggests, and it’s always a good time and great music. If his radio tracks don’t hook you, surely his live performance will. Fans of Chris Cagle or Garth Brooks should definitely give “We Weren’t Crazy” a listen. His tone, while unique, could be likened to a deeper version of Cagle, and his songs have the “story” quality of Brooks’s tunes. In fact, one of Gracin’s most memorable Idol performances was a cover of “Aint Goin Down ‘till the Sun Comes Up.” Though a newcomer, Gracin has the promise to take the industry by storm. He’s definitely an artist worth checking out for counry junkies and country newbies alike.

We Weren\'t Crazy

We Weren't Crazy

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