Interview: Meet Up-And-Coming Country Star Age James

It’s hasn’t been an easy road for Age James…in fact, it’s been more of a grueling highway, filled with ups and downs and sleepless nights.

But all of that has not hindered Age…he’s loved the highway all his life. He grew up off of California State Highway 38 that leads the back-way up to Big Bear, CA… just outside of Yucaipa, California where he attended high school.

He even named his country cover band he and his brother started after the two lane road and he’s written tunes about it such as “Family of The Lonely Highway”.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Age and get to know him and his music a little better. He is definitely going places and we hope you will take him with you. Enjoy!

Country Music Pride: What has been the most exciting part of the whole process and conception of your new music?

Age James: Last year when I started this process, I really just wanted to have a solid product to showcase where I am at currently as an artist. I wanted it to encapsulate my sound and my vision for my music and I feel “The Other Side” – EP has really done that. It was amazing to conceptualize something in my head and then to see it come to life! My producer Brian Bandas (Love and Theft) did a great job of that. At times, it was completely different than I envisioned but that’s art! It ended up perfect to me. It’s also been exciting to see and hear people’s reactions when they first listen to the album, like “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!” It’s really an amazing feeling.

Country Music Pride: Who would you consider your musical icons, who influence you the most in your music?

Age James: Well, I definitely wouldn’t be on this path, pursuing my dream in Nashville if I didn’t find find that Garth Brooks cassette in my dad’s truck back in Southern California where I grew up. I wore that thing out! He’s been a hero of mine ever since, I’ve listened to his music for so long and so much that I practically feel like I know him. Of course, his heroes became mine and it shaped my love for music. I started listening to everything from Billy Joel to George Jones to George Strait, to Supertramp, to Metallica and Incubus. But I would have to say that a lot of my influence comes from those guys in the 70’s like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty and The Eagles. They would be considered country today and found a way to blend Southern style with rock and that’s really what I feel like I am doing with my music.

Country Music Pride: What type of country artist would you consider yourself?

 Age James: I would say my stuff is country with a southern/classic rock vibe. Bordering on the edge of Americana, as most of my stuff doesn’t have a lot of that country instrumentation like fiddle, banjo or steel guitar.

Country Music Pride: What would you like for your fans get out of your music?

Age James: Ultimately, I just want people to enjoy it. I think my music is fun and all I want is for them to be blasting it while they are at a backyard party or Lake Havasu. Music is supposed to be fun but I also have a few sentimental songs as well…

Check out the official music video for Age James “Slo Mo” here: 

Country Music Pride: If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be (if you haven’t already done it!)?

Age James: Never really thought of that!! I always like to be different so for the girls, I would love to do something with Lady Gaga. She seems like a true artist and has really impressed me over recent years with some of her projects. As for guys, I have this dream that James Hetfield (Metallica) and I would do an episode of CMT Crossroads haha. I respect his so much as a frontman, guitar player and songwriter.

Country Music Pride: What was the first venue you ever performed at?

Age James: Mill Creek Cattle Company in Mentone, CA. They had a dance hall in the back and my mom worked there at the time and my brother and I had just started our country cover band, Highway 38. She was nervous because she didn’t know how good we were but the show went great and we had a blast!

Country Music Pride: What has been your greatest performance to date – and why?

Age James: The most memorable performance so far was definitely my EP Release Show at Exit/In in Nashville in October 2015. It’s an historical venue, we had a ton of people there and it was just awesome to finally put the album in people’s hands. I got to have a couple of my best friends in the crowd and on stage, it was amazing! We got a lot of video footage from that night so keep an eye on YouTube as I will be releasing some of that soon.

Country Music Pride: What has been the highlight of your career so far, your most memorable moment?

Age James: I would have to say the show that I played in Rapid City, South Dakota at the Main Street Square last September. It was military appreciation night and I got to play a set and then sing the national anthem while they did the flag ceremony. It was very moving…My brother is stationed there in the Air Force so having him in the crowd and eventually inviting him up on stage with me for a few songs was a moment I will never forget.

Country Music Pride: What are you looking forward to most for 2016? (We feel great things are going to continue to come for you!)

Age James: I just look forward to continuing the momentum I gained in 2015. I plan to release some new singles, new music videos, new merchandise and some marketing campaigns that I’m really looking forward to. We have a lot in the works for upcoming shows as well. If they work out, it could be a game changing year! Oh, and not to mention we are expecting a baby boy in May, can’t get much better than that.

Country Music Pride: We always like to know, what is something fun your fans may not know about you guys or you would like them to know about you?

Age James: I always have to brag about my basketball skills. I got mad hops and a pretty sick game haha! Other than that, I’m nothing special. I’m Just a normal American guy who loves The Lord, my family and my country. I love to workout, have meaningful time with friends and Tennessee is a pretty beautiful place for outdoors stuff so I love to get outside to spend time with my dog.

You can also check out more music from Age James by following him on Spotify!

For more information about Age James, visit his website and follow him on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Youtube.


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  1. If you haven’t listened to Age James Slo Mo track you should. This has great songs on it and check out his video too. I never tire of listening to his music and can’t wait to see what’s next. He is down to earth, God fearing, honest and determined.You should get to know him, i’m glad I do. I’m just one of his #1 fans. God Bless!

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