Check Out Vince Gill’s Six Degrees Of Separation

Hey all you Vince Gill Fans! We have something fun to share with you… a six degrees of separation for music with Vince Gill at the center!

Click the link below and enter any musicians name and discover their degree of separation with Vince:

For example, Kelly Clarkson has a degree of one, her and Vince recorded the Grammy-nominated “Don’t Rush” together.

The site highlights the magnitude of Vince’s impact through all genres of music around the world…not only as a vocalist but also as a producer, songwriter and instrumentalist.

Adele has a Vince Gill Number of 2, David Bowie has a Vince Gill number of 2 and Yo Yo Ma has a Vince Gill number of 2.

Vince’s average distance from any other artist in the database is approximately 3 degrees of separation. But surprisingly, The Greek Death Metal Band Obsecration has a Vince Gill number of 5! Who would have thought, Death Metal and Country music having a connection?!?

Vince is a better connector than 99.87% of the musicians in the database, which contains over 1 million artists. Fans also have the option to filter by genre (Classical, Rock, Jazz, etc.) or by song credit (producer, performer, instrumentalist) to narrow the search.

The page features 3 curated Spotify playlists with exclusive Vince commentary about his playing career and collaborations with many artists.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Be sure to follow Vince on all social media outlets as well!


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