Vince Gill Prepares For “Down To My Last Bad Habit” Available Friday, February 12th

There’s a new synonym for “everywhere” and it’s “Vince Gill.”

Thanks to the excitement being generated by the February 12th release of his new album, Down To My Last Bad HabitVince will be involving fans more intimately in more ways than ever before.

“Take Me Down,” the first single from the album, features vocal assists by Little Big Town and has already been shipped to radio.  “A masterful appraisal of the volcanic force of love,” one critic calls it. Fans can listens to it HERE.

Starting today, fans can also preview the entire album on National Public Radio’s “First Listen” site by clicking HERE.

Vince’s skills as a storyteller are legendary.  A first of its kind audio-documentary, a Spotify playlist has been created to capture Vince’s engaging tales of the music business and the stars he’s worked with along the way—in three categories:  Vince Gill: A Musician’s Heart, Vince Gill: The Vocalist and Vince Gill: The Creator.  Listening to these inside accounts is the closest thing to being a guest in Vince’s living room.

Vince has played, sung and or written songs on more than 500 albums by other artists.  And he’s produced projects beyond these.  So what could be more natural…or delightful…than a diversion called “Six Degrees Of Vince Gill” Fans can enter any musician’s name to discover the degrees of separation the musical figure has from Vince.  Want to know the number of degrees between Vince and, say, Adele?  It’s two.  Check it out for yourself HERE.

vince gill albumThe famed Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Nashville’s Lower Broadway, the city’s live-music center and most heavily visited thoroughfare, has been transformed into a special Vince Gill pop up store. It features a giant outdoor photo of the new album cover and inside there’s a Vince Gill kiosk displaying his MCA Records catalog. The store also includes other artifacts, such as  limited edition Vince Gill t-shirts, guitar picks and more.

It is the only store at which CD copies of “Down To My Last Bad Habit “can be purchased before the release date.

But it takes more than a monster album launch to keep Vince away from sports.  He and his 14-year-old daughter, Corrina, sang the national anthem for the world-televised NHL All-Star game in Nashville on January 31st.  And he and wife Amy Grant served as celebrity coaches.  Icing the cake, Gill  served as honorary Mayor of Smashville, along with the real mayor, Megan Barry, during the game weekend, January 29th – 31st.

The Grand Ole Opry will celebrate Vince’s 25-year membership in that hallowed institution with two Vince-headlined shows August 13th.

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