Zac Brown Band Announces “Remedy” Trilogy Release

Three-time Grammy winners and multi-platinum artists Zac Brown Band have unveiled the first of three parts of a short story/music video for “Remedy” Trilogy. Written and directed by Diego Pernía, the mini-movie tells the story of a young woman who runs into the forest to escape her alcoholic mother and reconnect with her ancestral roots.

If you spend any time with Diego, you realize how spiritual he is, and how connected he is to emotion and what he does with pulling out humanity and nature in his work,” he says of working with Pernía.

“Beautifully shot” and “emotionally charge” (LNTV), the Trilogy tells the young woman’s story as she is seeking to find love and knowledge in a world where she must struggle to survive…when communication becomes impossible, the heritage of your ancestors, forgiveness and love, are the only way to heal.

Watch Part One of the band’s “Remedy” film here:

Stay tuned for Part Two, which premieres this Friday, June 17th. For more information, visit


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