EXCLUSIVE: Whiskey & Co. “Rust Colors” album stream, plus interview

Here at Country Music Pride, we appreciate the finer things in life. We love whiskey, and we love good company. So naturally, we’d love a band called Whiskey & Company. And it turns out Whiskey & Co. loves us –– so much in fact that Country Music Pride is exclusively streaming their new album, Rust Colors, starting today, June 1, two weeks before the album’s release date. Now sit back, let the stream ride, and read a bit more about the fine folks of Whiskey & Co. and bask in the warm, twangy glory.

Post Script: Yes, track 7 is a John Prine cover, if you don’t fall on your back tits-up after hearing this song, then something just ain’t right with you. This jam will do you right.


CMP: You’re from Gainesville, FL, which means you share a local music scene heritage with the likes of Stephen Stills, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Against Me! and tons of other great American bands. What can you tell us about the Gainesville scene? How did it impact your sound? Any favorite artists –– either established or up-and-coming –– out of Gainesville?
Because it’s a college/transient town the music landscape is constantly changing… which makes for an ever changing musical landscape in town. We have a wide variety of musical tastes among us, but some of our favorite bands that you may or may not of heard of are: Radon, Rumbleseat, Hot Water Music, Grabass Charlestons, Billy Reese Peters, Averkiou, The Ones to Blame, The Shipthieves…the list goes on, but those are the ones that come to mind immediately.

CMP: You describe yourselves as “outlaw country.” What does that term mean to you and where do you think that genre is headed?
The dude that wrote the bio may have described us as “outlaw country,” but we don’t like to put a label on the music that we make. That said, we have been known to walk on the other side of the law from time to time, and we are heavily influenced by country music … if that makes us “outlaw” in some people’s minds, so be it. I mean, Waylon and Wille were labeled “outlaw” as well, so it can’t be too bad.

CMP: The word “country” in country music is sometimes a loose term. What do you think about the future of country music when you see more pop artists calling themselves “country?”
The word “country” in popular country music is definitely a loose term these days, but just as we don’t like to put a label on what we play, we can’t hold it against an artist because some corporations apply labels to their music and on popular country music as a whole.

CMP: You performed at the Harvest of Hope Foundation’s Music and Arts Festival in March. How was it? Why was that event important to you, and what other nonprofit organizations are you involved with?
The show was great. Anytime you can donate your time to play a worthwhile cause, it’s good feeling. This year we’ve played more benefit shows than the ones we actually got paid for … we try to help out our friends as much as possible. We have a hard time paying warehouse rent … but fuck it!

CMP: Where did the name “Whiskey and Co.” come from? Do you have a favorite brand of whiskey or whiskey-related activity?
Our old drummer Ian just thought “Whiskey & Co.” was a cool name. He said something about liking to drink whiskey in good company, and it just stuck. Before he came up with that we were called “TRUCK DOG” because there was a crazy guy in town that got questioned by the police and he said his name was Truck Dog … but that was before Kim joined the band and she wouldn’t go for that shit. It was at a Truck Dog show that Kim told then-bass player, Darren, that she needed to be in the band. The rest is history as they say. Favorite brands of whiskey are: Powers, Jameson, Makers, Knob Creek, Old Crow, Philadelphia … depending on the mood and whatever gets us drunk. Favorite whiskey-related activity? Kim would say Kentucky Derby parties, but like we said … we do like to break the law from time to time, so …

CMP: On that note, most acrobatic move you’ve ever attempted during a show (any band)?
Brian saw David Lee Roth doing super badass karate kicks in 1985, but has never attempted this on his own. And, one time Kim took the microphone off the stand and shit got crazy. I guess we’re not too acrobatic.

CMP: If you could play on the same stage as any other band, who would it be, and why?
The Pogues and The Replacements … and Ronnie said to put Willie in there (eh-oh). Because they’re big influences and they’re fucking awesome.

CMP: Would you play with the Dixie Chicks if they wanted to take you guys on tour?

CMP: Let’s talk about “Rust Colors.” Did you write all of the songs on the album? Who wrote them, and is it a group effort?
Brian wrote most of the songs on the album, and Kim and Troy contributed some songs as well, and it was a group effort as far as the arrangements of the songs went which has been they way it went with the last two records as well.

CMP: How long did it take to put the album together?
Way … way … way too fucking long … I dunno, Troy wasn’t bald before we wrote it.

CMP: How does this new release reflect changes in your music?
There’s a new rhythm section, and Ronnie had to step it up because our other guitarist (Scott Norman) moved to North Carolina.

CMP: What was influencing you during “Leaving the Nightlife,” and now during the writing and recording of “Rust Colors”?
Both albums were fueled by hard times (and some good times too), and reflections brought on by long nights of excess. We were also inspired to write a new album after finishing our tour with Lucero a few years ago.

CMP: With sparse shows and minimal releases, to what end does Whiskey and Co. rock?
Good question … we do the best we can … we hope to play more and tour to support the new record in the coming months.

CMP:What/who are five bands/artists that Whiskey & Co. fans should probably love?
The Pogues, Lucero, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, The Zac Brown Band, and Drag the River and a ton more.

CMP: Did you buy any records on Record store day?

CMP: Where is a prime location I should situate myself in for listening to “Rust Colors”?
In a Chrysler Le Baron, top down, doin 85 on I-75 southbound and down kickin ass and drinkin beer!





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