..& Western: Caleche Ryder Interview

Touting the virtues of Wild West Caleche Ryder reminds us that not all country music comes from the south. I mean, she’s sponsored by Wicked Tango, a whisky company, you don’t get much more country than that.

WT_CalecheAZ_Event_0315_CALECHE87_2_grandeCaleche’s amalgam of modern country and L.A. culture peppered with a smidge of attitude has garnered the singer/songwriter a partnership with Nitro Circus in addition to a spot at this year’s Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, Oct. 2,3, and 4.

“West Coast Cowgirl” is the current single. The video for this song offers vivid imagery and eclectic style that begs the question; What happened to the & Western part of country? We talked about recording in L.A., Wicked Tango and Nitro Circus, shooting the video Malibu, and the fact that I base all of my knowledge of L.A. from Bukowski novels. So, here’s a taste, but be sure to click the link at the bottom of this page for the full interview.

It seems like most country music is based on the south:

Exactly! It’s crazy. It’s like, when did we get to that place? That’s why I’m excited to be pursuing country out here and trying to revamp it.

Nashville vs. L.A…Ready GO:

I love Nashville. In the beginning I thought about moving to Nashville because that’s where country music is, you know, it’s the heartbeat. Then I really thought about it and I wanted to stay true to my roots and to my west coast vibe. I wanted to make sure we held onto the west coast flavor without letting go of the traditional country elements.

Is it more difficult to do country in a town known to be a bit more specious:

Every town has their stereotypes. I’ve been to a lot of places and found beauty in each place, but what I think is so cool about L.A. is it’s so sprawling. It’s so huge and divided into little subdivisions, or subcultures. You see shows like “real Beverly housewives” or whatever, but I don’t see those women. I’m sure they exist but I don’t bump into them. You kind get what you’re looking for in L.A. It’s not like playing in Nashville where you are surrounded by your peers but it’s a great time to be doing country out here.

You’ll be the Route 91 Harvest Festival in October:

The night I play Tim McGraw is headlining. Last year I was at Route 91 as an audience member and I had the time of my life. I visualized and prayed to be on that stage next year, and then…it happened! I believe in telling the universe what you want more now than I ever have before.

Click below for the full conversation and be sure to check out CalecheRyder.com



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