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Watch as Keith Urban’s Affair with his Fender Produce Songs and Videos – like “For You” – That Are Truly Transcending

The eyes may be the window to the soul but Keith Urban’s fender is the key to his. And when they meet, it truly unlocks an archive of emotion, talent and perfection which result in tracks like ‘For You’ from the ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack.

Unlike writing for country radio or record, cinematic soundtrack has to compliment the story’s theme, assist in moving the plot along and vocally, instrumentally and lyrically mirror the scene it portrays. And it needs to do that while musically and rhythmically building heightened suspense and tension.

And Keith Urban’s ‘For You’ single from the ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack accomplishes all that brilliantly. ‘For You’ explodes with cinematic tension right from the first chord. If you close your eyes and simply listen, you will feel the tension building in music and lyric. Vocally, Keith delivers the sentiment as if he were standing in combat with the mission. It’s always been a favorite Urban attribute to experience when listening to an Urban performance. Keith has the artistic gift of being able to become the emotion he’s projecting in song. And he does so with intense conviction.

If you’ve ever had the honor of being up close to Urban when he performs, then you’ve no doubt witnessed his emotions transcend as he becomes one with his music. And when the composition is complete, Urban returns to the present. It’s a captivating capability to watch take place before your very eyes.

And it was the first thing I noticed upon my first listen to ‘For You’. Keith was there, in that scene, delivering a heartfelt rendition of the emotions that were exploding in and around these Warriors. The scene was covered in tension. The song was covered in suspense. And I was covered in chills.

Be sure to catch up with Keith as he talks about ‘Act of Valor’ and his coming to write the soundtrack single ‘For You’.

But Does Keith Conquer That Same Conviction in the Song’s Video?

Indeed, I’d say he does.

With the visual support of a barren backdrop, Keith delivers a video accompaniment complete with emotional turmoil and anguish, raw film footage and war zone detonation synchronistically exploding around him. You can feel the sense of urgency, uncertainty and camaraderie playing out in the music, lyric, vocals and video visuals.

Keith has no doubt captured the sense of heightened cinematic tension and projected it instrumentally causing you to feel the intense drama of what’s unfolding. And in the end:

“I was really grateful that the song makes so much sense once you see the film.  So it’s just right to be in the credits.  As I said, the whole first verse came from a scene in the film, so I think most people at the end of the film will have that scene in their minds, so when you hear the song, and you hear the lyric, it’ll make a lot of sense.”

If you’ve not yet heard ‘For You’, close your eyes and experience the emotion. Then watch the video and feel it all come together because Keith’s soul has an affair with his Fender and when they meet they become one. And what they produce, well, here’s your chance to experience it.

‘For You’ and the ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack are available at iTunes now. The movie hit theaters on February 24, 2012. Be sure to check both out.

Watch Keith Urban -‘For You’ Video – ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack


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2 Responses to Watch as Keith Urban’s Affair with his Fender Produce Songs and Videos – like “For You” – That Are Truly Transcending

  1. Mia February 27, 2012 at 8:06 am #

    Thank you for this billiant and insightful article. You got it absolutely correct! Keith has the ability to transcend what is just before you in his music and that’s why I think he reigns supreme as one of the most genuinely talented and gifted artists in the business today. I hope others will see what you and all of Keith’s fans have seen and…that he receives the recognition he deserves!!!

  2. Bea February 27, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    Very nice article, very insightful and absolutely on the money. I saw the movie which was truly amazing. My heart pounded every minute. I recommend it to everyone and Keith’s song, FOR YOU, at the end is just perfect. He obviously wrote it from a place of deep emotion and he just nailed it. The guitar solo captures the anguish of that moment in the film. I keep watching the video because it connects me to the film and that emotion still and I can’t cut the cord yet. GOD BLESS OUR NAVY SEALS.

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