There’s Just Something About Kip Moore-Interview

When your phone rings and you know an artist like Kip Moore is on the other end of the call, you can’t help but be excited. This talented artist is tearing up the country music scene! His debut album “Up All Night” has topped charts while his certified-platinum song “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” is quickly becoming an all-time country favorite. Kip’s soulful voice and smooth guitar playing keeps making its way into our hearts and I’m here to tell you, it’s not about to stop. Since we last spoke with Kip, he has made huge strides on the country music charts. He was just getting started and even though he’d “made it” in our eyes, he had a hard time believing it–moving from a twelve passenger van to touring around the country. Now, with packed shows across the U.S. and fans crazy for everything Kip-related, I think it’s starting to sink in.

We had a chance to follow up with Kip Moore, checking in to see how far he’s come in such a short span of time. We weren’t surprised to find him humble as ever. Currently headed to the Midwest on his Up All Night tour, Kip let me in on some new material, upcoming album release, and tour dates with Eric Church.


CMP: What has been going on with you since the release of your album?


KM: Man, that’s a big question, there’s a lot that’s been going on since then. I don’t even know where to start to answer that. It’s gone from 300 fans in a crowd to 5,000. We’ve been selling out all these clubs and people know the entire record, it’s been a pretty wild thing, and there’s been a big rapid follow, and it’s been great.


CMP: You have a lot of tour dates coming up; you started at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City, where are you headed off to next?


KM: We’re on our way to Ohio right now, we’re playing a club tonight and then we’ll be in Virginia tomorrow. We’re doing this for the rest of the summer until the Erich Church tour starts.


CMP: Is there a specific venue that you’re excited to play?


KM: I play Red Rocks Amphitheater (Morrison, CO) this week and that’s the number one place I’ve always wanted to play so I’ll get to scratch that off my list.


CMP: Any new material that fans might catch at some of these shows?


KM: Oh yeah, I’m always switching it up. They’ll be 2 or 3 new ones that aren’t even on the new record that I’ve written recently. One of them I wrote 2 weeks ago, so I pull out new stuff all the time.


CMP: What is your inspiration for writing songs? What goes into it? What’s your process when you sit down to write a song?


KM: It varies, but my inspiration is just living life. I try to seize every opportunity, every moment. I think with the way we’ve been touring, traveling around the country for the last 3 years, I think that’s changed my writing style a little bit. I think my lyrical style has changed just a little bit, just because my life has changed so much. But it all varies, sometimes I have an idea, sometimes I have a melody, sometimes I have a guitar rip, and I think more so than others lately, it has been me just finding a guitar rip and trying to see what that music is telling me. Where I used to just throw something down and write over top of it, now I might sit and wait for two weeks until the right thing comes for me. I am little bit more patient now with my writing.


CMP: Your voice has a soulful sound to it, very natural, and you seem to have sort of “the way it is” type of lyrics. Do a lot of your songs come from personal experiences?


KM: Oh they all do, every one of them. *Spoiler Alert* When you get a chance go check out: Kip Moore – New York City – Bowery Ballroom. It’s just me and a guitar, the song is called “New York City,” it’s just me and an acoustic.


CMP: So what can we expect to see on your new album?


KM: I got tons of new songs. A song called “Break My Heart,” a song called “Good Time Girl,” there’s going to be tons of new material; I’m going to try and put 15 songs on this new record.


CMP: “Good Time Girl” sounds like it might have a little connection to you, do you think others will connect with it too?


KM: (Laughing) Hahaha, yeah … for sure. That’s the thing; I try to be as honest as I can, if you’re honest than other people are going to relate to it.


CMP: What is the best part about what you do?


KM: When people actually are singing the music that you wrote. There’s no better feeling as a songwriter, as an artist, than when people are singing what you spent so much soul putting into it. That’s the best thing about this job. It’s a special feeling.


CMP: Tell me what the future holds for you.


KM: I have no idea. I’ll answer that five years from now. (CMP note-And yes, he said we’d get to ask him again!) I’ll I have is hope that I get to keep doing this, but I have no idea what the future holds.


CMP: I’ve been dying to ask… What is the “Somethin” ‘bout a truck?


KM: It’s just that “IT” factor that you can’t put your finger on. Everything’s better in a truck, you can just do so many more things and you can let your mind wander where you want it to go with that or you can let it wander to just pulling a boat. Everything’s better in a truck, there’s just that “IT” thing about it.




Check out Kip Moore in New York City – Bowery Ballroom:



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