The Sadies “Darker Circles”

Darker Circles, possibly alluding to an even increased lack of sleep, is what seems to be afoot in the methodically constructed new album by The Sadies. The obvious hard work rings noticeably down to the bone, and at first listen you can tell that these Alt Country Rockers worked long and hard on this short but sweet album.

Stripped down production is an earmark of this particular album. There are hardly any bells or whistles, literally, bringing a hometown feel to such a variable genre. The Sadies make a point of this with this new album by driving a majority of the songs lyrically, which is precisely the reason why this album seems to sway more toward Folk-Rock with a Country spirit. Each song is story-based driving the theme of the song home, this is no Sweet Home Alabama, we are talking about more of a Country noir type of drive and subtlety.

Not to say, however, that this album is without its rock. Heavens no. Several tracks are bursting with sultry guitar layers and moments of upbeat reflective rock. Banjo even tickles a few songs and rings soulfully on the song, Tell Her What I Said.

Admittedly, it is better said after all that perhaps Darker Circles represents many layers gaining increasing depth. This is an album you can listen to repeatedly and pull out new pieces, new thoughts, and new sounds each time around. “He who has an ear let him listen.”


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2 Responses

  1. Wow I’ve never even heard of this band, but after reading their review by Justin Deckert, I want to buy their album and digest every last meaningful lyric. I have two ears; I’m ready to listen.

  2. I may have heard of them before and probably have heard their music before, but the track “Idle Tomorrows’ from the brand new album Darker Circles was played on WNCW-FM earlier tonight as I was on a long drive home. I was so blown away by this one song, I actually called the station to find out who it was. The DJ told me and then said of them, and I quote, “THEY KICK ASS!”. I just ordered this album online. I hope they tour the Carolinas this year, wont miss those shows for sure.