The Eli Young Band Rock The Grand Stand At Sioux Empire Fair

It’s that time of year again—FAIR TIME!! It’s when the summer heats up and the long nights are filled with carnival rides, fair food and country music!! I had the thrill of attending the Sioux Empire Fair in Sioux Falls, SD this year and caught the Eli Young Band. Boy do those guys know how to rock a grand stand.sef-2015-logo

The place was packed as this fair has AMAZING free concerts with admission. The beer tents were flowing over and you could not get within fifty feet of the stag once 8 o’clock hit and the band made their entrance.

They started strong with his like Drunk Last Night. All you could see was a sea or beers held over each other’s heads. They kept the music up by going into Honey, I’m Good. Which I’m sure a lot of people don’t even realize they sing on. They rounded it out with cover hits, who doesn’t love to hear a little Tom Petty thrown in for good measure!?

With The Band

The highlight of the night was actually after their concert. While hanging around after and listening to an amazing local cover band (if you are in the Sioux Falls area you need to check out The Rude Band!!) who walks in and stand right behind me…oh just James Young and Chris Thompson.

I have never met more down to earth, home grown guys who were just out to meet their fans and check out some local entertainment. They stuck around for the next hour mingling around the beer gardens, taking photos with their fans and dancing along to the music.

If you get chance to check out their 10,000 Towns tour you will not be disappointed!! And who knows…you may just meet the band!

10000 Towns

To see if the Eli Young Band is coming to your town, visit their website at




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