Taylor Swift Always Makes This Face

I love Taylor Swift, I mean I’m a Govenor in the Taylor Swift nation, but I think its about time her publicist or cooler older cousin sits her down and tells her to quit doing this face she always makes when she wins an award. You know its that one where she kind of hunches forward a few inches, covers her mouth, and does this sort of “O my gosh, I cant believe I won this… Like, no way, Im the winner. This is so crazy…” body language. regardless of this posture, she deserves the awards that usher in this annoying pose.


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On the “Hick-Libs”

While the hick-lib celebrities would have us believe that Appalachia and rural Oklahoma is home to covert gay coal miners and queer cowboys, the overwhelming

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2 Responses

  1. Amen to this! It was only surprising the first 10-20 times she won…..now it is a little played out. She is such a huge star, I think she can def. act humble without the “surprise”

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