Win 16 Disk Hank Williams Sr. Box Set

WIn 16 Disk Hank Sr. Box Set

Hey Good Lookin…

Quick!  Name five Hank Williams hits!

If you couldn’t name them, you’re out of the game.  Don’t even bother continuing to read.  But if you did, do we have a treat for you!!  You could win what may be the largest box set of all time: Hank Williams: The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings…Plus!  Amaze your friends with this 16 disc collection—15 audio discs and a special edition DVD including first-ever performances, unreleased songs, radio show performances, interviews with original band members and more!  In addition (as if the discs weren’t enough!), the set also contains a book with words from Hank Williams Jr., a history of the Williams family, and more.  Don’t get it twisted—this set is deluxe, limited edition, won’t be available forever, and could be yours for free!

Winning this is easier than trying to find the hidden meaning in Kaw-Liga.  All you have to do is send us a photo—only one—that shows us why you deserve this box set more than anyone else.  Maybe you have a Cold, Cold Heart tattoo.  Maybe you were Hank for Halloween.  Maybe you named your dog California Zephyr.  You show us why you deserve it, and it’s yours.

And don’t bother sending a picture of you with all of his albums, because that’s boring, and then we’ll know you don’t really need this box set.

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