More Big News From Blake Shelton

As if we haven’t heard enough about Blake Shelton lately, he’s got another big announcement to make…

Leave it to Blake to tease his fans via Twitter that he had a big announcement that was “too insane” to guess. He left everyone hanging by telling everyone to tune in to “Today,” where he eventually told the big news…he will be hosting Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards.

Although it may seem like an out of the ordinary pick for a children’s program, Blake has in fact hosted award shows before…like that one time he hosted “Saturday Night Live.” Let’s just hope Blake keeps it G rated for the kids…

The show is scheduled to air LIVE in March 2016.

Check out this exclusive promo of the artist being wooed by previous KCA hosts, then getting doused with the green stuff and noting, “this feels nice.”


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