Lee Brice And Tyler Farr Announce “Life Off My Years Tour” With Hilarious Video

Not only are country music favorites Tyler Farr and Lee Brice good friends, they will be taking their friendship out on the road together in 2016. On February 4th the “Life Off My Years Tour” will kick off, extending through April 23rd.

The two got together and did some brainstorming to prepare for their upcoming tour, tour theme and name. Farr wants to call the tour the Shetland Pony Tour, but Brice is not all that interested…

Brice wants to call the tour the “Dreaming Class Tour.” But Farr thinks the tour name would be cool if your were on drugs and were finger painting, as well.

Thankfully they agreed on a name! Check out the video these two filmed discussing the title of their new tour…not too sure how they got through filming without laughing hysterically!

Complete List Of Dates for Lee Brice’s “Life Off My Years Tour” with Tyler Farr:

2/4: Salisbury, MD
2/5: Rochester, NY
2/6: Kingston, RI
2/12: Rockford, IL
2/13: Kearney, NE
2/14: Brookings, SD
2/18: Southaven, MS
2/19: Augusta, GA
2/20: Pikeville, KY
3/17: Lowell, MA
3/18: Allentown, PA
3/19: Indiana, PA
4/7: Milwaukee, WI
4/8: Kalamazoo, MI
4/9: Chicago, IL
4/14: Saginaw, MI
4/15: Highland Heights, KY
4/16: Huntington, WV
4/21: Dayton, OH
4/22: Youngstown, OH
4/23: Toledo, OH

For more information on the tour and tickets, visit LifeOffMyYearsTour.com.


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