Lady Antebellum Taking A Break From The Road…

Lady Antebellum announced recently that the award winning trio will be taking a break from the road. The band will play their last show this October at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Lady A’s Hillary Scott recently told E! News that the threesome will be taking a short break once they are done with their current Wheels Up! Tour to spend some quality time with their family and friends…as well as focus on writing some new material for their next album.

Scott stated that the break probably won’t be a long one… “Knowing us, it will probably be a lot shorter than what we probably set out for it to be, because we can’t ever really stop,” Scott says. “But yeah, there’s no timeline, and that feels so nice to know. When we feel like it’s ready we’ll go to work.

We’ve just made so many albums in such a short period of time, and we’re proud of them and what we’ve done in our career and what we’ve said with them, but we’ve never given ourselves the gift of time,” Scott admits. “That’s what this next season is for us — spending time with our families and really relishing in this successful year for us and focusing on where we’re headed next.”

The group is anticipating the down time to spend with their families. There is no doubt that the group’s break will consist of LOTS of family time.

 We can’t wait to be able to just spend time with our friends and family, and everyone we love,” Scott said. “So, I’ll be cooking a lot in my kitchen and having people over, and just honestly making up for lost time with memories with everyone we love. That’s the hard thing about what we do is just being away from our friends and family.”

While the timing of Lady A’s time away may cause some questions among fans, but it couldn’t be a more perfect time for Charles Kelly and his wife who will be expecting their first child in February.

We can take some time off and not feel like we’re going to lose it all. We felt like that in the past, if we left off the throttle. So, yeah, we’re not quite as hot as we were around Need You Now, but we realize the fans are there,” he told Rolling Stone Country. “It’s all about the music, so we need to step away and make the best music we can. That’s the only way it’s going to sustain itself. The irony is we’re probably the happiest as a band we’ve ever been.”

Everyone deserves a break from their hard work once in a while, we just hope it’s not a long one and are looking forward to seeing what Lady A has in store for their fans!


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