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King George is Here for a Good Time

If George Strait were to hand out business cards, I’m sure they would say “King George, hit-maker extraordinaire.” George Strait’s latest album will be released on September 6, Here for a Good Time. CMP had the privilege of reviewing George’s 39th studio album and is pleased to share George’s latest masterpiece with you!

Here for a Good Time was recorded in Key West, FL with George’s long time producer, Tony Brown. You can hear the laid-back beach vibe flowing through some of the lyrics in a number of songs. Fans will not be disappointed–the album contains stellar cuts that are pure Strait.

The album opens with ‘Love’s Gonna Make It Alright’, a feel good song about love making each day brighter. The next track is an emotional ballad called ‘Drinkin’ Man’, a stand out on the album. ‘Drinkin’ Man’ is a sobering tale about waking up hung over, full of regret. The song talks of struggle with the bottle and trying to walk away from addiction but “that’s a hell of a lot to ask of a drinkin’ man.” George is known for having an ear for selecting hit songs-this song is no exception.  The ballad is followed by a swaggering honky tonk tune, ‘Shame on Me.’

The forth track on the album is my personal favorite. I played it over and over again.  I could not get the tune out of my head for days. ‘Poison’ is a gorgeous, coming of age tune about choosing pain over common sense…falling for that one person who can break your heart “even if it kills you in the end.” George’s tone has never been sweeter when he sings the simple but heart breaking lyric “pick your poison.”

The fifth track is the lead single from the album ‘Here For A Good Time’, a fun and witty two step romp. George boasts “I’m here for a good time/To hell with the red wine/pour me some moonshine.” Track six is a mournful, introspective ballad about lost love called ‘House Across The Bay.’ The sad song is followed by a song that is classic Strait called ‘Lone Star Blues.’ The two stepping tune brings back the traditional sound of Texas country George made famous in the 80’s.

Next on deck is ‘A Showman’s Life’, a nostalgic look at life on the road. George sings with sincerity about the life he has lived as an entertainer, “no mention of the wear and tear on a honky tonker’s heart…no one told me about this part.” George at his best. Next on the album is ‘Three Nails And A Cross’ and ‘ Blue Marlin Blues.’ Three Nails feels like a hymnal. George sings with compassion about the mistakes we make, feeling hopeless and finding strength in God’s love. Blue Marlin is a fun Jimmy Buffett-style frolic that captures the Key West vibe.

The last song on the album is a tribute to George’s fans called ‘I’ll Always Remember You.’  He dedicated this song to those who have supported him for over thirty years. George adds that when he is finished singing and performing, he’ll always remember the love and friendship of his fans.

Overall, Here for a Good Time is superb. King George proves once again why he has more number one hits than any artist in any genre in music history.

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