Taylor Swift was nothing short of Awesome at the SOLD-OUT Staples Center “Speak Now” Tour finale

CMPs extraordinary editor is still recovering from the outstanding 20-song set list, high-pitched fans and top-notch performance of Taylor Swift’s LA “Speak Now Tour” finale complete with covers, surprises and guest features. He shares this “Love Story” with you:  

Los Angeles was definitely all abuzz Sunday evening August 28th, 2011 with the MTV VMAs screaming from the Nokia Theatre and Taylor Swift Sparks Flying over at the Staples Center. And there I am, a 31-year old man who fancies himself as “cool” unashamedly walking up to … a SOLD-OUT Taylor Swift concert! Unashamed because Taylor’s appeal and brilliant songwriting is nothing short of pop genius.

I’ve always maintained that, for the most part, there are two artists that pretty much every music lover likes – regardless of age or genre preference. Those acts being Johnny Cash and Bob Marley. And I am starting to see that Taylor is rising to those ranks. Swift is becoming a sort of living legend. And completely Enchanted, I was loving my life last Sunday night when I attended the final night of her sold out shows in LA at the Staples Center.

I’m going to be honest, though, I was a little nervous that Taylor’s voice was going to be less than awesome (as it so often is when she does live performances). But even so, I didn’t mind having to hear a few off notes in exchange for her brilliant melodies and enough hooks to catch the cast of The Little Mermaid. But alas! Taylor’s voice was on point. Taking complete command of not only the stage but the entire venue – as she did about three songs at the base of the grandstands – Taylor’s concert was pretty elaborate and aesthetically pleasing. A few Speak Now highlights:

  • Taylor playin’ the ukelele like a Polynesian princess
  • Backup dancers, musicians and actors keeping the wondering eye engaged
  • Ellen DeGeneres cameo on the washboard
  • A camera shot of Taylor hugging Reese Witherspoon
  • The decimal level climbing 17 notches as Taylor hugs the buff kid from Twilight who was enjoying the gig
  • And then, for sure, the highlight of the evening was when a bootylishess and well-swaggered Nicki Minaj shows up on stage. Taylor and Niki were spittin’ mad stanzas of “Super Bass” back and forth to the delight of many pleased onlookers (I even for some reason got the chills like I was singing “Awesome God” at summer camp). The video is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

So yeah, Taylor Swift has come a long way since her first “Tim McGraw” hit. But despite her catapult to her well-deserved stardom, I’m pleased to say that she seemed still humble and genuinely grateful, still keeping it real with her natural hair color, and still keeping it young and endearing with the words “I wish this moment could last forever” down her right arm.

Taylor Swift, you’re Awesome! thanks for the great show.


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