Keith Urban Reveals “Act of Valor” Soundtrack Single “For You” Complete with Story, Film Footage and Commentary

Well, as the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything. And Keith Urban was offered a “first” when approached to write a track for the highly anticipated, action-thriller ‘Act of Valor, a challenge he met head on with professional perfectionism, as can be heard in Urban’s rolling-with-the-credits composition ‘For You’ available February 21, 2012.

‘For You’ was co-written by Urban and long time writing partner Monty Powell, co-produced by Dan Huff and Urban and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Starstruck Studios.

Keith Urban ‘For You’ – ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack

Keith shared with Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton that he was commissioned by the producers to write the song.

“They called and said ‘We like the songs you do because there’s a sense of optimism and hope in your songs, and we’d like that at the end of the film.’

But Keith had never written like that before and was quite nervous about doing so.

So I went to see the film at a screening room, and I took all these notes, and thought, ‘Where do I start?’

The timing of the assigned honor was also an apparent pressure-cooker for Keith as it came right before his vocal surgery in November of 2011 and had him feeling like he was on too much of a deadline. Keith shares that “for the first time in my life I actually booked the studio before I had the song.” Keith and co-writer Monty Powell began writing on a Friday, finished up on the following Monday and then Keith went into the studio and cut ‘For You’ on Wednesday.

‘Act of Valor’ is a heart-pumping, action-packed thriller based on a real-life operation of the esteemed and elite US Navy Seals.

What touched me about the film was the willingness of these men and women to give their life.  Literally give their life for what they believe in. So I asked myself, ‘What am I willing to give my life for?” I’m not a Navy SEAL.  I can’t do what they do.  But what’s my version of that in my life?  What do I believe in, like they believe in.”  

“… there’s a scene in the film, the moment where you give your life, will stop you in your tracks.  That was the start of the first verse.  We wrote from that scene and the song came about.”

Asked what he thought as he was watching the film, knowing his song was coming, Keith shared:

“I was really grateful that the song makes so much sense once you see the film.  So it’s just right to be in the credits.  As I said, the whole first verse came from a scene in the film, so I think most people at the end of the film will have that scene in their minds, so when you hear the song, and you hear the lyric, it’ll make a lot of sense.”

Be sure to check out Lon’s complete interview with Keith, including what the Navy SEALS themselves had to say about Urban and ‘For You’

And in an interview with The Tennessean before the ‘Act of Valor’ official screening, co-director Scott Waugh’s summed up Urban’s cinematic ‘For You’ soundtrack saying “He nailed it”.

You can find Keith Urban’s first ever crafted-for-cinema compilation ‘For You’ on the ‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack available February 21, 2012. The movie hits theaters February 24, 2012.

‘Act of Valor’ Soundtrack Listing – Featuring many Country Allstars:
1. “For You” – Keith Urban
2. “Guide You Home” – Sugarland
3. “I Was Here” – Lady Antebellum
4. “If The Sun Comes Up” – Trace Adkins
5. “Two Soldiers Coming Home” – Lori McKenna
6. “The Best I Can” – Jake Owen
7. “What It Takes” – Montgomery Gentry
8. “The Best Of Me” – Josh Kelley
9. “Where We Left Off” – Hunter Hayes
10. “Whatever Brings You Back” – Wynonna Judd



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