Johnny T & Due South

After seeing Johnny T & Due South perform live back in November, I knew that I was in for a treat as I sat down to review their six-song EP. Can I just say right now how freakin’ awesome these guys are? I am positively hooked on Johnny T’s voice and southern drawl. The first song off the EP, “That’s How We Do Things,” is the ultimate country anthem that speaks about how we country folks roll!

“If You Want To” is a super-sweet love song that has hit-single written all over it. “Outlaws” is quick-witted and impossibly catchy. Johnny T’s range and lyrical ability are nothing short of a breath of fresh air to the country music community. “Outside Looking In” is a bittersweet look back at a lost love that is not only lyrically beautiful, but also very well arranged. “The Beer Song” is the ultimate drinking song with a great little guitar solo.

The last track on the EP, “Country Boy,” is so irresistible that it makes it hard not to sing along. This is one of those just plain awesome albums where every song is equally as fantastic, but for different reasons. If you like country music, do yourself a favor and check out Johnny T’s self-title EP.


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  1. These guys are amazing!!!! I love their songs! I can’t wait til they are played on the radio. They should perform at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland Maine. WE WOULD LOVE THEM!!!!!

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