Hank Williams Jr. “It’s About Time” album review

It’s no secret Hank William Jr. was raised in the shadow of one of country music’s most influential forefathers. Hank spent most of his childhood imitating his famous father as his mother tightly managed his career. With an identity crisis brewing Hank Williams Jr. was desperate to find his own voice, and once he did it was hell on wheels. Hank Williams Jr. is the quintessential loud and proud country and blues rocker. His career is littered with gold records and countless awards and other accolades, “It’s About Time” feels like classic Hank Williams Jr.

During his career Hank has won entertainer of the year 5 times, which is fitting because once Hank transforms into Bocephus it’s hard to see where Hank stops and the entertainer begins. His outspoken views may have landed him in hot water with the NFL among others, but there are plenty of people who stand behind Hank when it comes to politics. “Club USA” pretty much sums up his political viewpoint… “If you’re messin’ with us, best get outta our way, we’ll steam roll you”. The timing is good for songs like this with a presidential election right around the corner and celebrities weighing in on all kinds of political topics.

The Hank Williams Jr. sound covers several genres and this album contains all of them. It feels like a juke box of selections from several phases of Hank’s career. From the classic twang on tracks like “It’s About Time” to the jumpy blues featured on “Dress Like An Icon” to gospel with a toughened up version of reverend Charlie Jackson’s “Wrapped Up Tangled Up In Jesus”.

Hank Williams Jr. has always had an unwavering devotion to keeping the legacy of country music alive. On “It’s About Time” Hank sings about the forefathers who handed down the torch and his desire to get back to the roots of the “country state of mind”.  Eric Church duets on “Are You Ready For The Country”, which builds into the best kind of country boy gospel choir. “God Fearing’ Man”, “Dress Like An Icon” and “Mental Revenge” feature driving rhythm guitar and single string blues riffs that off set the ballads like “God and Guns” and “Just Call Me Hank”.

The album ends in a revamped version of “Born To Boogie” featuring Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore. This updated version contains a collection of guests with Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore taking on vocals and  Brad Paisley on guitar. It’s this track that reminds me of Hank’s ability to take the old and mash it together with the new making a whole new sound. With elements of blues, honky tonk, and rock ’n’ roll this song sounds like the excitement the legend has for this album saying “I couldn’t be more excited about this album, I’ve been doing this a long time, but I promise this is the best album yet and fans will not be disappointed.”


1. “Are You Ready for the Country” (feat. Eric Church)
2. “Club U.S.A.”
3. “God Fearin’ Man”
4. “Those Days Are Gone”
5. “Dress Like an Icon”
6. “God and Guns”
7. “Just Call Me Hank”
8. “Mental Revenge”
9. “It’s About Time”
10. “The Party’s On”
11. “Wrapped Up, Tangled Up in Jesus (God’s Got It)”
12. “Born to Boogie” (feat. Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and Brad Paisley)

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