Haley & Michael’s Talk New Single “Drinking About You” & Give Fans A Big Prize

haley-michaelsHaley & Michael’s latest single “” is a MUST-LISTEN… and here you have the chance to win a big prize from them! Fans can win their very own signed copy of their handwritten lyrics of the new single! Head over to our Twitter sight and retweet to win!

We had the privilege of sitting down with the country duo to discuss their new single, their dream collaboration and what they have next for fans! Find out more here:

Country Music Pride: “‘Drinking About You’ is a drinking and over-thinking song about two people who are missing each other and don’t even realize it…can you tell us the inspiration behind the song?

Haley & Michaels: We were writing with two of our good friends and we were all in the mood to write something moody, probably inspired by the storm outside that day. We just got to talking about all the different ways we, or people we know, have coped with breakups. Drinking came up as one way, ha, and then we landed on “Drinking About You” as a title.

Country Music Pride: What would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of your that would help bring “Drinking About You” to the top of America’s Country radio?

Haley & Michaels: Thanks for asking! Right now “Drinking About You” is playing on Sirius XM The Highway and we would love it if people requested the song via Twitter and Facebook! The song is also available on Spotify and iTunes, so really just finding a way to get a copy in whichever way they listen to music would be so great! We also love hearing from people who have connected to our music and nothing makes us more excited than getting messages on Facebook or emails from fans!

Country Music Pride: Tell us about your approach on writing music that your fans can relate to? What inspires you?

Haley & Michaels: We try to show up to write a song every day, so that we can always be open. But we find our music is written in many different environments. Sometimes we will get an idea or an entire song while at a grocery store, or while filling up on gas, really the most random times and places. Other times we have scheduled co-writes with other writers and good chemistry will inspire something that day. It’s always unpredictable but that’s what makes it fun and creative. The most important thing we have learned is to show up consistently. Some of our favorite songs have been written on days where we felt like doing anything other than writing!

Country Music Pride: What are some of the “risks” you’ve taken to set yourselves apart from others as up and coming artists?

Haley & Michaels: We are proud of our new music because we didn’t make compromises or decisions based on what we thought the industry would want to hear, or what would “work” or “not work”. We just made the music that felt most like “us” and tried to stay as true to ourselves as possible. Whether we are making choices about our vocal arrangements, the subject matter of our lyrics, or instrumentation in the studio, we are just trying to make music that feels good, music that excites us and ignites the fire. And of course, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to do without our producers, Reid Shippen and Zach Abend.

Country Music Pride: You have been opening shows for Sam Hunt, Brett Eldredge, Chris Young and Old Dominion this year, what has been your biggest moment out on tour so far?

Haley & Michaels: We are so grateful to all of the amazing artists who have had us out to open up their shows this year! Our biggest moment out on tour this year was when we heard people singing the words of our wedding song back to us. It was a thrilling feeling we will never forget and we both almost forgot to keep going with the song because we were in such shock!

Country Music Pride: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Haley & Michaels: Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. We are aware they aren’t one artist together, ha, but it’s still the dream! Garth is our biggest common musical influence, and we have always dreamt of writing a duet with he and Trisha!

Country Music Pride: What can fans expect from Haley & Michaels next???

Haley & Michaels: We have new music coming out early next year and we can’t wait to share it with you!! We will also be announcing new tour dates for 2017 so stay tuned, we’d love to meet everyone out on the road! Thanks for having us!!

Be sure to follow Haley & Michaels on TwitterFacebook, and their website, and check out their new single “Drinking About You” here…


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