Haley & Michaels Combine Experience, Harmonies and Sensuality to Serenade You Through Relationship Pain in their FULL “The Price I Pay” Video – Review

Letting go is never easy. And when letting go happens when it’s not really over, then it leaves you wondering …

“what if nothing’s worth the price I pay”?

In their brand new The Price I Pay video, Nashville country music duo Haley & Michaels share their experience of having been in that situation. The duo combine experience, harmonies and sensuality to serenade you through the emotional turmoil of letting go questioning:

“How do you get over what’s not done”?

Directed by Annie Price (Faith Hill’s “This Kiss”), The Price I Pay video teaser caught audience attention on March 1st leading up to the FULL VIDEO PREMIERE later that day on TNN (The Nashville Network) kicking off their countdown show, TNN Top 10. In addition, CMT.com featured the full video on March 4th.

The Price I Pay is a lyrically sensitive wrestling with inner doubt, lusciously delivered through emotionally gripping vocals. But heed the warning because watching Haley & Michaels go through this turmoil just might help you through your own relationship struggles – reminding you to make sure before you let go because in the end …

“what if nothing’s worth the price you pay?”

The Price I Pay is now available on iTunes and the duo will be releasing their debut album later this year.

Haley & Michaels – The Price I Pay – Full Video

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