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The Real Winner at the Daytona 500 – Justin Moore – Interview

It’s been one week since the Daytona 500 and while the race itself was as thrilling as always, fans everywhere are still talking about the real winner, country singer, Justin Moore. Moore, partnered with Crown Royal, put on a show for the books and rocked race day with the two things more country than NASCAR itself, great music and whiskey. A race fan himself, Justin Moore was honored to open up the track and even more honored to perform on behalf of the Crown Royal – Your Hero’s Name Here Campaign. Ever year the beloved whiskey brand salutes our Nation’s finest heroes by honoring them on race day and naming the Brickyard 400 after the most-voted hero. Before taking the stage and raising the checkered flag, I had the opportunity to speak with Justin about his recent tour, new album, and first ever headlining tour.


CMP: First off, we have to know, who’s your pick for the Daytona 500 winner?

JM: Well, I’m a big race fan, my buddy Carl Edwards is racing on Sunday and he was actually in my video for “Bait A Hook.” I don’t know, there’s nothing really more country than NASCAR and country music, they definitely go hand in hand, so I know it will be a great race, and they’ll be lots of fans out there to support.

CMP: You get to open up race day! Any idea what songs you’re going to play for this event?

JM: I know, it’s a huge honor and I’m so glad to be a part of it with Crown Royal and their campaign. I’m not used to playing at 10am though, usually it’s 10pm so that will be different. I’ll have to have a couple extra cups of coffee.

CMP: ^ Maybe throw a little Crown in there too (haha) ^

JM: Oh, definitely. But as far as songs go, I never know what I’m going to play until I get out on stage, we play off the crowd and it usually works out.

CMP: Well you’ve had lots of experience performing, you just finished up on Eric Church’s tour, tell us more about that?

JM: It was incredible, you know, I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the road with every major tour and I’m about to start my own tour, but playing with a guy like Eric Church was incredible. Sold out shows and tons of fans, it was an honor to be a part of that.

CMP: What have you got in store for your first headlining tour?

JM: I’m very excited for that, I’ve got great talent on the road with me, Dustin Lynch is playing on it and he’s just a great guy and a great young artist. John Pardi is also coming out with us; he’s a new artist with just a great talent. It will be an exciting tour.

CMP: And you are working on a new album?

JM: I am yeah. I am really looking forward to putting out some new stuff and I’ve actually got a new song I want you to check out it’s called “Point At You” It’s a brand new single.

CMP: Will race fans get to hear that on Sunday?

JM: Maybe, maybe.

CMP: Tell us more about your partnership with Crown Royal and how you got involved with this campaign.

JM: Well this is actually the second year we’ve been apart of the “Your Hero’s Name Here” campaign; it’s a great thing they do. Fans 21+ have the opportunity to go to their site and vote for their local heroes and one lucky winner will actually get the Brickyard 400 named after them, so it’s a really great thing and Crown Royal really does their part to support our service men and women, so it’s important we do our part as well.

CMP: Definitely a great campaign, it is going to be a great event and good luck with everything coming up for you, we’re huge fans of yours and can’t wait to check in with you again.

JM: Thank you so much. Remember to go vote on and wish me luck for singing at 10 am on Sunday (haha).

CMP: (haha) Good Luck! … (Like this guy needs Luck, he’s awesome.)


The big race might be over but Justin Moore is gearing up for some serious music. With his new album and headlining tour, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. The Crown Royal Your Hero’s Name Here Sweepstakes is under way and their ongoing Crown Royal Heroes Project is really great stuff so if you’re 21+ please check out there website and support our service men and women nationwide. The Daytona 500 is the biggest race for NASCAR fans but the real winner at this event was definitely Justin Moore, and here at CMP we couldn’t be happier for him and all of his success.


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