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Exclusive Interview with Ben Wells

Emerging country artist Ben Wells has taken this summer by storm.  Performing outside of his home state of Georgia for the first extensive amount of time, Ben has been winding his way through the South on his solo “Untuck Ya Shirt” tour since the start of June.

Ben, who said his favorite venue of the tour was Atlanta’s Peachtree Tavern, admitted that he hasn’t had time to generate many juicy stories from the road (no matter how hard we tried to pry them out!).

“Sleep! That’s the only thing I’ve been doing. Just playing and trying to sleep. It’s hard getting out of your comfort zone and not living the life you’re normally used to.”

This tour comes at an exciting time for the talented country rocker, fresh off an endorsement deal with renowned guitar strings and accessories manufacturer Ernie Ball and just eight months after his self-titled debut album reached #26 on the country charts.

“We’ve noticed more fans starting to like the music and getting ready for new stuff. We’re on the road a lot more, playing a lot more, and getting more into the business side of it now instead of just writing and singing.”

Even though the tour is winding down at the end of June, Ben has no plans to do the same.

“We’re playing at Turner Field with the Atlanta Braves at the end of August and the next day we’re playing at Six Flags over Atlanta. We also have plans to visit XM studios – ‘Get Down,’ ‘Daddy In Me,’ and some other songs from the album are getting picked up on XM radio on XM 57 – so we have plans to go into their studios, talk to them and maybe do some studio performances.”

Always looking for ways to involve the fans, Ben and his team will be documenting some of these special event shows to share with the fans firsthand.

“We’re doing a fan interaction type video for these special events that we’re actually getting to go to for the first time, and we’re letting the fans experience some of these events at the same time we do.”

Until those videos are available, be sure to check out footage from Ben’s past touring performances in his “On the Road” series at!

2 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Ben Wells

  1. Tommy July 4, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Congrats Ben Wells on your out standing Country Music you sing and ur album. And you put on one hell of a show..

  2. Brittany July 4, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    This article was written very well. So thank you Mr. McClellan. I was able to see Ben Wells on his Untuck Ya Shirt tour in June. I live far away from his home state Georgia, and because of this tour I was able to go and see him in Kentucky. He is a wonderful artist and will surely be a hit!!!

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