Everybody’s Talking About Tate – Tate Stevens Concert Recap and Album Review

From laying concrete in small town Missouri to winning FOX’s The X Factor, Tate Stevens’ life has changed dramatically over the last year … and the changes have only just begun. The singers’ first ever album is currently sitting at No.4 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart, an album which debuted three tracks co-written by Tate himself. Full of sing-a-long lyrics, killer harmonies and instrumentals, and the right amount of slow songs, this album is a whole lot of fun… It is so good that it is hard to understand why it took America so long to realize the abilities of this born country star, but the 38-year old  is nothing but humbled to be blasting onto the music scene now. I had the chance to see Tate perform live at Joyland in Bradenton, FL on May 2nd and I can promise you he deserves all of the hype he is getting. Performing lots of tracks off his new album, fans were already singing along, in awe of his true country voice, or rushing to buy his album. Giving a emotional performance of “Power of a Love Song” it was clear how much this song, and this record, mean to Tate, an emotion that is evident in even the most upbeat tracks like crowd-favorite, “Holler if You’re With Me.” Meeting Tate before the show he actually seemed a bit nervous to take the stage, nervous in the sort of way that he was just so proud to be playing for his fans. Throughout the show he continuously looked out over the crowd and thanked everyone for letting him do what he loves; and if you get the chance to watch him perform you can tell how much he truly does love it. Rocking out with his band (who are stars in their own right) and completely owning the house, Tate Stevens defined what country music should sound like. Also playing some covers like “Baton Rouge” with an insane fiddle solo, and his X-factor-famous “Wanted Dead or Alive” South Florida couldn’t get enough of the man in the cowboy hat … and might I add one of the best smiles in country music (watch out Luke Bryan)! I am so grateful I got to see Tate perform and am so jealous of everyone who gets to see him throughout his tour dates. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, you can visit Tate Stevens Tour to find out when he’s coming to your town – DO NOT MISS IT! With all of the success Tate has already had, there is no doubt more is on the way. He is not only proof that dreams come true, he is proof that hard work pays off (and proof that all winners of reality singing competitions should be country artists). That, combined with his humble attitude only adds to how deserving he is and, well, you just can’t help but love him. Once a fan, always a fan … #TateNation


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  1. she seen him on May 2nd and posted the story on May 6. Where do u see May 8th in this article???

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