Dolly Parton Goes Platinum in the U.K.

As DOLLY PARTON readies her DOLLY LIVE IN LONDON CD/DVD for an anticipated early November release worldwide on Dolly Records, the iconic superstar’s overseas success is re-underlined as The Very Best of Dolly Parton has been certified platinum in the U.K., with sales of over 300,000 copies.

DOLLY LIVE IN LONDON also features the singer, songwriter and musician–hailed as a “force of nature” onstage by the Philadelphia Inquirer (5/5/08) and whose “clear, Tennessee mountain soprano is simply stunning and still soars,” wrote the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (4/24/08)–sharing many touching and hilarious stories about her life and her family with her adoring audience, which will enlighten her fans on the origins of some of her most famous songs. For instance, Dolly reveals memories of the “real” Jolene, who apparently made a play for Dolly’s husband Carl many years ago. She also discusses her impoverished upbringing in East Tennessee growing up as the fourth of 12 children and how it inspired songs like “Coat of Many Colors. “

Of her 2008 U.K. tour, the London Times said, “Dolly Parton sang beautifully and accompanied herself with an able touch on guitar, piano, violin, banjo, harmonica, dulcimer, tin whistle and tambourine. And at regular points during her two-hour performance in Glasgow, she pulled out a succession of hits from one of the great songbooks of the country-pop era: ‘Jolene,’ ‘Islands in the Stream,’ ‘9 to 5,’ ‘Coat of Many Colours’ and a show-stopping ‘I Will Always Love You’ (July 1, 2008).”

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