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Breaking News! People Think They Should Tell You Their Sexual Preference!”

Today Cody Alan posted on Instagram “Im Gay…  And I’m finally comfortable enough for everyone to know this truth about me…”.

When I read that I thought “why does this person, or any person, feel the need to tell us their sexual orientation? From what I can tell Ellen just lives her life, and she doesn’t find her identity or self-perceived-value (or lack-of) in her sexual preference, and as such she doesn’t pay special attention to her sexual preference.

Cody Alan’s identity is NOT where he decided to stick his penis. Cody Alan’s identity is not his where he likes to holiday. Cody Alan’s identity is not wrapped up in the instrument he feels compelled to play over and against another one. Humans are not defined by their preferences, experiences, etc.

Here’s a helpful discussion as provided by a man with same sex attraction and how he viewed the source of his identity:

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