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Country Music Docuseries “Lucy Angel” Airs January 13th on AXS

There’s a new Nashville reality TV show comin’ to town, and with less than a week away you won’t have to wait long for the premiere of “Discovering Lucy Angel”, Tuesday, January 13th at 8 PM on AXS. The show is executive produced and directed by Emmy Award-winning TV producer JT Taylor, also known for producing ‘The Osbournes.’

The AXS network’s 13-episode document series follows mother-daughter trio ‘Lucy Angel’ and the ups and downs of their crazy family, the Andertons, as they try to find a home for their music in Nashville. Each member of the family brings his or her own special quality to the project. You will no doubt fall in love with this quirky, loving, mega-talented family from the 1st episode.

We are introduced to the band which is comprised of mother Kate Anderton and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, as they practice their first single, ‘Crazy Too, and prepare for the biggest performance of their career, a live concert at the Pocono Raceway. Don’t mistake these three blonde bombshells for your typical country girls; they have a lot of sass and a lot of talent to back up their good looks. Everyone who watches the show is going to fall in love with these girls just as everyone that has met them does.

The series highlights their talent and with help from their father and band manager Doug (affectionately referred to as G-Man), who is their biggest cheerleader and promoter,  securing all kinds of opportunities for his women. The Angels have opened for major country starts such as Jake Owen, Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels, Jerrod Niemann, Casey James, Neal McCoy just to name a few!

“I can’t believe the timing of everything,” Lindsay said on the band’s website. “We’ve been here for eleven years. It just feels right, and that it’s falling into place. The record is right, the single is awesome, and then the TV show. It’s a really exciting time.”

To watch a sneak peak of the show click HERE

Throughout the series it is evident that the Anderton’s, when it comes to ‘Lucy Angel’, it is more than just a family business; it is the business of being a family. While watching the show it is easy to get drawn into, almost as if you have become part of their family yourself, they are so easy to relate to while entertaining at the same time. And what family doesn’t have a little drama every now and then, especially when working together? But they have the dynamic it takes to make a hit TV show, one I guarantee America is going to fall in love with.

“We didn’t go looking for a reality show but we always thought that we would make good TV because our family is so colorful and random stuff always happens to us!” Lindsay told FOX411. “Now, there’s just a camera there to catch it on tape.”

The release of their self-titled album, ‘Lucy Angel, is also scheduled along with the premier of their TV show on January 13th. The album is available for pre-order now on iTunes. Click HERE to get yours today!

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