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Bonding Over Beer: Toby Keith’s New Bar Ballad

By Amy Dolkas

Toby Keith stays true to the patriotic image he has come to be known for in his new single “Drunk Americans”, released on October 14. This drinking ballad celebrates the joy in unwinding and enjoying a drink with your fellow American, tossing aside the labels and judgments that often stain relationships and first impressions. Keith reminds listeners of the pleasure found in kicking back and having fun for the sake of having fun. In the bar one pictures in their head while listening to this new single, there are no stereotypes, no barriers and no political parties (like a redneck version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”). The only thing that matters to Keith is that people are living free in this beautiful country and enjoying life together.

Keith is manifesting his dream of people coming together over drinks with his #DrunkAmericansChallenge, in which he is giving away Toby Keith themed tailgating and drinking game paraphernalia to contestants who post lyrics of the new single via twitter, or post tailgating photos via Instagram. The challenge is going on for the next four weeks on If you want to join in the fun in person, catch Toby Keith on his Shut Up and Hold on Tour Presented by Ford F-Series.

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