You’re Going To Be “Askin’ About” Rising Country Star Blaire Hanks

Nashville is a diverse city full of the most diverse artists around…and Blaire Hanks is no exception! Moving to Nashville six years ago to pursue his songwriting career the road has lead him to a few successful cuts and even finding that performing was an option for him!

In July of 2015, he released an EP entitled “Her” which charted at #4 on the iTunes country charts and #44 on Billboard Country.

He has been touring all over the US building his fan base and promoting his most recent release…we want you to know more about the rising country hottie, his new single, the dues he’s paid as an artist and what’s next for Blaire Hanks!

On his new single…

Country Music Pride: You have been around country music for a while and are back with your new single “Askin’ About You”, what was your inspiration for the song?

Blaire Hanks: It’s just real life. I lived that situation and expressed it through my music…

On his favorite cover songs…

Country Music Pride: We’ve heard you do some pretty awesome covers during your sets…which is your favorite to perform?

Blaire Hanks: My favorite cover to perform by far is Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy! It’s our closing song and though it isn’t country it’s a classic throwback that gives everyone that last huge burst of energy and nostalgia before they head home

On where he’s performed…

Country Music Pride: Craziest place you and your band have ever performed?

Blaire Hanks: Probably this small bar I performed at in New Orleans a couple years ago that I can’t really remember the name of I just remember the people there were super wild and we hit bourbon street right after the show. Need I say more.

On paying his “dues”…

Country Music Pride: You’re a pretty open book, your music and your stage presence can attest to that, what are some of the “dues” you’ve had to pay for “paying your dues” as up and comers? Have any almost pushed you far enough to almost quit?

Blaire Hanks: Of course. It’s proven to be a bit harder than I thought to get the industry to rally behind me, but my fans have given me more than enough support. They truly keep me going and there have been times in my career where I felt like giving up or questioned what I’m doing until I go on social media and see messages from fans and the amount of love they have for me and my music. It really keeps me driven and positive. No matter what it means the world to me that my fans are invested that much.

On his musical influence…

Country Music Pride: Which artists would you say you have gained your musical influence from?

Blaire Hanks: There’s so many artists that I love to listen to, so it’s hard to say! I grew up listening to Kenny Chesney a lot though and I just loved his energy and passion on stage so I feel like he really inspired me as an artist when it comes to performing and interacting with my fans.

On promoting his music…

Country Music Pride: What would really excite you and encourage you that could be done by our readers and fans of yours that would help bring your music to the top of Country radio?

Blaire Hanks: Just spreading the word. Telling as many people to listen and follow me! The more people keep talking the more people have to listen.

On what fans can expect next…

Country Music Pride: What can fans expect from Blaire Hanks?

Blaire Hanks: Real! I always keep it real. I’m no smoke and mirrors and I like my fans to see the struggle and the grind and feel like they are a part of my life. They are invested! I have fans that have followed me since I was selling guns at bass pro shops wondering where I was going to get the money to cut my next single! Those are the kinds of things I think fans love to see!

Be sure to keep an eye out for Blaire…he’s one you won’t want to miss!

For a complete list of tour dates and more information on Blaire Hanks, visit his website and follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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