WXPN Spins New SLIMFIT Single

Tastemaking station gets exclusive airplay of “Damp Powder,” the newest song from beloved alt-country band

Listen to “Damp Powder” at myspace.

July 2, 2009 – WXPN, the nationally recognized tastemaker for Triple-A radio, launches today the debut of “Damp Powder,” the newest single from roots rock workhorses SLIMFIT. In addition to receiving airplay throughout the day, the track will be offered as an exclusive free download on the station’s blog at xpn.org.

Lancaster, PA-based quintet SLIMFIT announced their presence on the national scene in 2008 with the release of their debut full-length, Make It Worse, an album with one foot in sweaty barroom country rock, another foot in devil-may-care punk rock and a third foot in whatever it is that gives them such an affinity for piss beer, mustaches, bad ’80s rock and kittens.

Select praise for Make It Worse:
“An authentic, and excellent, example of American roots music.” -PopMatters

[SLIMFIT has] got chops in both rock and roots… [Several tracks] hint that they might give the Drive-By Truckers a run for their money.” –Daily Vault

“[Do you like] Uncle Tupelo and Pabst? Than you’ll love this band.” –Sex With Headphones On

“These fellas have created a great new sound.” –WXPN

“SLIMFIT will have a major problem [trying] to make their next album better than this one.” –Country Startpage

On the topic of that last quote, SLIMFIT is currently putting the finishing touches on its follow-up album, one that does, indeed, surpass Make It Worse in scope, vitality and finesse – as first single “Damp Powder” illustrates. Title, release date and artwork to be announced shortly. For more information, visit slimfitband.com


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