Watch Here: Billboard Debuts Wade Hayes Touching New Video

When acclaimed country hit maker and guitar slinger Wade Hayes went through two bouts of colon cancer, he had one constant in his life…his dog Jack. recently premiered the new video for the touching song, “Who Saved Who (Jack’s Song),” and the clip has already received over 42,000 views and almost 1,000 shares on Hayes’ Facebook page.

The song is actually a true story of how I met my old dog, Jack,” Hayes told Billboard writer Deborah Evans Price. While stopped at a gas station around midnight 75 miles outside of Nashville eight years ago, Hayes saw a skinny dog “just full of ticks, had holes in him. This rundown dog jumps up in the front seat of my pickup truck and sits down. He had a pizza crust hanging out of his mouth. The people at the filling station said he had been there for about three days. He jumped up in the seat like, ‘OK, I’m ready to go,’ just comfortable as could be.”

In December of 2011, at age 42, Wade was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer. Successful surgery and chemotherapy removed the cancer. A year later, Wade was devastated to learn the cancer had returned. He received additional treatments, and today he has no evidence of disease. Jack was by his side through it all.

Wade confesses he wrote the personal song for himself…a sort of way to say thanks to Jack. He first performed the song at a songwriter’s round on board StarVista LIVE’s Country Music Cruise, and people with tears running down their faces told him how the song had touched them. “I thought, ‘Well maybe we’d better record this,’” he said to Billboard.

Korby Lenker directed the clip, which was shot at Wade’s home outside Nashville and at a farm in Lewisburg, TN known for saving rescue dogs. Lenker solicited photos of fans with their dogs through Wade’s Facebook fan page.

Wade is confirmed to perform “Who Saved Who (Jack’s Song)” on the Hallmark Channel’s popular “Home & Family” on January 10, 2019. He will kick off his 2019 touring at Stampede Houston on January 11th and will perform on the sold out Country Music Cruise setting sale January 27, 2019.

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