Tune In: Shania Twain Discusses Her Passion For Songwriting On ‘THE BIG INTERVIEW’

Grammy-winning Country songstress Shania Twain joins  Dan Rather for an intimate and insightful conversation, as she opens up about the highs and lows of her trailblazing career in an all-new episode of The Big Interview…airing Tuesday, April 3rd at 9:00 pm ET/6:00 pm PST.

During the discussion, Twain takes viewers through the creative process behind her deeply personal latest album, “Now”…her first new material in 15 years…and the initial struggle she faced in the album’s early stages.

The greatest fear for me was just getting started, just taking that step forward. Once I claimed that place and that courage, it was all fun and exciting.” Though Twain has experienced great tragedy in her life, she wanted Now to be a celebratory album that would inspire anyone dealing with struggles of their own. She continues, “That meant I was going to have to be very transparent. I was going to have to be very honest, and direct, and candid about- my emotions, my feelings, my thoughts…. so I do hope that they take away my intentions, which are to inspire them and to relate to them on a very day-to-day and realistic level.”

Twain took on the responsibility of writing each song on the new album by herself…a challenge she relished, given her lifelong passion for songwriting. She explains the peace that the creative outlet gives her, saying…

Writing… is my escape, and all through my life it’s been a really great escape for me. As a child, it was a playground. It was a private place for me to go and express what was on my heart, on my mind… Now, as an adult, I see it as me time. I see it as time alone. Private time that is sacred to me that no one else can influence, that no one else can judge… I love that solitude, and I need it.”

To see more of this enlightening episode, tune in to The Big Interview on Tuesday, April 3rd!

Keep up to date on all things Shania, including new music visit her website at shaniatwain.com and on social media on Facebook and Twitter.


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