Tune In: Kiefer Sutherland Sings Merle Haggard On The “The Big Interview”

Beloved film and TV actor Kiefer Sutherland sits down with Dan Rather in this exclusive “The Big Interview” sneak preview of this week’s all-new episode, airing Tuesday, November 7th at 9pE.

During the insightful discussion, Sutherland opens up about his passion for music, his childhood growing up with two prominent actors, his Emmy-winning turn as Jack Bauer on the celebrated thriller 24, his life as a father, and much more, headlined by an impromptu performance of the Merle Haggard staple “The Bottle Let Me Down.” Sutherland reveals that the Country classic is, in fact, his favorite song, and explains why it has captivated him, saying, “What a simple, simple song. But it’s got a hook, man, that’s as good as they get.” In a priceless moment, Rather joins in on the a cappella rendition, singing along with Sutherland’s self-described “whiskey voice.”

Check out the video here:


To see more of this unforgettable episode, be sure to tune in to “The Big Interview” on Tuesday, November 7th at 9pE/6pP, only on AXS TV!

Keep up with Sutherland by visiting his website at kiefersutherlandmusic.com or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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