Thompson Square Debut New “Glass” Video

Husband and wife country duo Thompson Square release the “Glass” video accompaniment to their fourth single from their self titled debut album. “Glass”, both the song and the video are quite different from what country fans have seen and heard of Thompson Square thus far.

For starters, Shawna takes the vocal lead in this single with a voice as clear as crystal yet as tender as intimacy. With Keifer’s occasional, subtle harmonizing, Shawna brings the listener, the song and the message to a reflective realm. She immediately but gently grabs you and holds you captive to the delicacy of love.

Directed by Roman White, the raw innocence of the black and white cinematography compliments the delicacy of emotions in the lyric as Shawna vocally suggests with a strong but almost seductive echo :

“so if you love me do it gently and I will do the same.”

This beautifully romantic ballad is available at iTunes. The video is sure to shatter the hardest of hearts and caress the core of human emotion.

Thompson Square “Glass”

Be sure to also watch the very sensitive and playful behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making of this moving video.

Thompson Square Behind the Scenes of “Glass”


Keep up with Thompson Square at their official website.


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