The Music That Built Bedtime ‘Lullaby Renditions Of Miranda Lambert’ Due Out June 28th

If you’re a parent in need of sleep “somethin’ bad,” Rockabye Baby has come through with a solution: “Lullaby Renditions of Miranda Lambert”, out June 28th on CMH Label Group. With twelve tracks spanning a decade and a half of the country superstar’s finest songs, the collection trades country chords for wood blocks and glockenspiel while retaining all of the rich and warm melodies of the originals.

Featuring lullabied versions of hits like “The House That Built Me,” “Gunpowder & Lead,” “Kerosene,” and “Famous in a Small Town,”Miranda Lambert will send country-loving babies (and their parents) off into a Texas-dreamland of pink guitars, mutts, and rising above it all.

Lullaby Renditions of Miranda Lambert Track Listing:

  1. Gunpowder & Lead
  2. Somethin’ Bad
  3. Kerosene
  4. Little Red Wagon
  5. Automatic
  6. Mama’s Broken Heart
  7. We Were Us
  8. Vice
  9. Tin Man
  10. Famous in a Small Town
  11. Over You
  12. The House That Built Me

Watch the video for lullaby “The House That Built Me” here:



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