“The Hottest New Duo In Pop Country”​ Brown & Gray Release Anticipated Debut EP, ‘Salt In The Coffee’

“The hottest new duo in Country Pop”​ released their hugely anticipated debut EP, on Friday, June 8th. A stellar set of five songs comprise the EP titled “Salt In The Coffee,” ​including their breakout hit “Top Down.”​ This track shattered industry norms and continues to accrue accolades, still impacting the Country radio airwaves nine months on from its original release. To date, the anthemic track boasts over 3 million streams, 2 million YouTube plays and 25,000 downloads.

Sam Gray​ hails from the east coast of England, a profoundly talented singer, songwriter, producer and musician, with 100 million streams across 9 releases prior to “Top Down.” Texas native Kaci Brown​ is a graduate of Barbara Orbison’s Nashville-based “Still Working Music,” and ASCAPs youngest-ever female affiliate, having signed to both at the age of 11. She released her first solo album at the tender age of 17.

When Storme Warren championed the track late last summer on Sirius XM’s “The Highway Finds,” declaring it to be the first genuine US / UK Country Pop Crossover, he set in motion a chain of success that has snowballed beyond the duo’s wildest dreams.

In the weeks that followed, “​Brown and Gray​”​ were added to the West Coast leg of the “Highway Finds Tour.” Their performances, a combination of powerful stage presence and charming and genuine rapport, caught the eye of “William Morris Endeavor,” the biggest live music agency in the world. They were immediately signed and have now announced coast-to-coast dates through the end of the year. All this follows a landmark appearance at “Stagecoach 2018,” headlined by the ultimate country music superstar, Garth Brooks.

Earlier this year, “Rolling Stone” featured “Brown and Gray” as one of the “10 Country Artists You Need to Know.” Their acclaim is not confined to North America however, and most impressively, they reached the Top 10 on U.K. radio.

The EP, recorded in Nashville, London and Los Angeles, was co-produced by Sam Gray alongside the award-winning, multi-platinum writer and musician Brad Crisler,​ who also co-wrote three of the five tracks.

The EP opens with “Home,” ​ an infectiously hooky track that underlines Sam’s versatility and musical literacy and is further underlined throughout the five-song set. “Good Night” ​ displays the duo’s seemingly effortless and authentic ability for harmonies. Co-writers are the Grammy-nominated James J-Doe Smith​, and acclaimed producer Michael Angelo​. “This Is The Stuff” ​ is a perfect showcase for Kaci’s emotional and plaintive vocals, full of soul and personality.

Their playful, rebellious streak is on full view in “Outta My System,” ​full of swagger, with tongue firmly in cheek! The EP closes with “Top Down,” already a live favorite, completing an inventive array of compositions and unpredictable arrangements.

Diverse yet cohesive, “Salt In The Coffee” challenges many of the accepted rules of country music, while clearing reflecting a respect of the genre. Brown and Gray’s Debut EP is released through NHMM, the game-changing label launched by global music-publisher “Notting Hill Music.”

The independent giants have achieved over 300 Top 10 Hits, with artists including Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Little Mix and Justin Bieber. Their vibrant, thriving pool of writers in Nashville have proved an asset in their astoundingly good first year.

“​Salt In The Coffee​”​ is available now through all digital retailers and streaming services.

For a complete list of tour dates and more information on Brown and Gray, visit their website and follow their socials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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