Taylor Holingsworth “Life With a Slow Ear” – Review

Taylor Holingsworth, guitarist of Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, has slowly but surely made his own way into an Oberst-like spotlight. Growing up in Alabama, Taylor was hired as a back-up guitarist for several bands. In these bands, he mastered both the art of rhythmic rock tunes and the title of a young prodigious guitarist. But for Holingsworth, this wasn’t enough. He couldn’t hide his musical intricacies that set him apart. These intricacies attracted Oberst, which eventually lead him to a permanent spot in The Mystic Valley Band.

While on tour with the band, he explored deeper into his “Bama” roots. He developed a love of folk, blues and country. He began expressing this love through simple vocals, acoustic guitar and minimal accompaniment. With these elements, he managed to put together a heartfelt and impeccable record, Life With a Slow Ear.

Echoing Dylan in this album, he sings imaginative stories while he fingerpicks. It makes you feel like you never left your southern-style front porch, when you live in the suburbs. He convinces you you’re wearing worn-in leather boots and you have a bottle of Jack in your hands. And best of all, his overwhelming talent as a guitar player doesn’t cloud his ability to be honest and direct in all 11 songs. Life with a Slow Ear will be released on Team love Records on November 6th 2009. You can pre-order the album at the Team Love online store where you can also download more of his songs. Catch Taylor touring his hometown of Alabama in November and December of 09!”


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