Stephen WIlson Jr: The Tree that Grew Close to the Apple

We are all our parents children, for better or for worse. We all must come to terms with this at some point. I (Amos) never did until listening to Stephen Wilson Jr. Sometimes in topics this deep and difficult, having a wise guide will help you understand the relations of parent and child. Stephen Wilson Jr. is deceptively simple, but he can turn a phrase that can grasp your soul and squeeze; the tree never grows to far from the apple. 

     I grew up a poor child of a single mother. All I had was a radio and of course all the books the library would let me take. So the background of my youth was top 40 pop music. Then as I got older I wanted deeper, smarter music. So punk? It was perfect for a 13 year old. But eventually my music tastes settled on Metal and Country, because they had so much power and truth…and beauty. I purposely seek out the most powerful and emotional metal I can. Hank Jr and David Allen Coe are my favorite country songwriters. I live my life seeking depth and purpose in music…then I was introduced to Stephen Wilson Jr. A man whose understanding of human relations is unmatched. It took me a full 24 hours to get through his discography because every song made me cry. It hit me harder than the hardest metal song. You can feel his sincerity in your bones, even with songs like CooCoo that sound like a simple hootenanny, when it is truly about death and the life that leads up to it. 

     Give this interview a listen, friends, and hear a man who won’t start a fight, but will never back down. A man who will swear, then politely apologize afterwards. I never spoke much as a child either.


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