Shania Twain Showcases The Young Fables In The Premier Of “Real Country”

“I feel in love with these guys as a genuine, authentic talent and sound.” – Shania Twain

The Young Fables, an emerging leader on the modern, traditional country scene selected by Shania Twain to perform on the show, received rave reviews throughout the premiere of Real Country on the USA Network last night. This spotlight comes just a few weeks after they were selected by Rolling Stone as a “Ten Best Country & Americana Song of the Week” for their latest release, “Crazy”.

We are incredibly grateful for the support from Shania Twain and the entire team at Real Country,” says Laurel Wright of The Young Fables. “Our experience and the fan response to the premiere was more than we could have ever expected,” says Wes Lunsford of The Young Fables.

This new country music showcase series features multi-platinum, five-time Grammy Award-winning trailblazer Shania Twain; ACM Award-winning and platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen; and multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning country music legend Travis Tritt. In each hour-long episode, Twain, Owen and Tritt hand-select emerging solo artists, duos and groups to perform in showcases that spotlight the rich traditions, songs and themes of specific country genres. For those that missed the premiere, you can view The Young Fables performances below.

In round one, they tackled the Emmylou Harris hit “Two More Bottles of Wine”…

Here is a highlight of the praise they received from country superstar panelists Shania Twain, Travis Tritt and Jake Owen…

“You are just pure soul. You communicate the story with your soul. I believe in you guys. You are not trying to be anyone else. To have so much repetition in the industry right now, which is frankly quite boring, the listeners deserve diversity. And you guys are going to add to that. We need you in this industry right now.” – Shania Twain

“Y’all took me back to people like Conway and Loretta, George Jones and Tammy Wynette. If there is anything in this world that I think our industry really needs right now is more of that.” – Travis Tritt

“I see why Shania brought you on the show!” – Jake Owen

In the second round, The Young Fables shined on the Deana Carter signature tune “Strawberry Wine” as guest panelists Big and Rich joined the show…

Here is a highlight of the post performance comments…

“I feel in love with these guys as a genuine, authentic  talent and sound. They deliver a drinking song that may not be wild, but it’s true. They are very relatable and incredibly talented. ” – Shania Twain

“Way to lay it down y’all. That was good stuff. You have some fantastic singing qualities in your voice and when your voices come together, it makes another beautiful sound.” – Big and Rich’s Big Kenny

“We know Deana Carter so well and she is going to be so pumped when she hears that. Your delivery is so smooth on that vocal.  It is like velvet coming through there. It’s like Christmas morning.” – Big and Rich’s John Rich.

At the conclusion of the broadcast, The Young Fables would finish in second place…however on the show’s Instagram profile, they captured the highest number of votes in the poll where viewers were asked to choose “Who’s your favorite for the week?” leading by 68% when the show finished airing.

The Young Fables most recently released their version of Patsy Cline’s iconic hit “Crazy” that Rolling Stone called “simple and heartbreakingly direct.”

It can be downloaded or streamed at the following links: SpotifyiTunesApple MusicAmazon and Google Play.


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