Rory Feek Honors Wife’s Memory With Documentary & Book

Written By Josie Bisto

To-Joey-With-Love-Documentary-CountryMusicRocks.net_-730x493Country and Bluegrass husband and wife singer-songwriters Joey + Rory made their duo debut in 2008 on CMT’s television show Can You Duet; placing third in the competition.  Soon after they released their first of 7 studio albums.  It was a song on their third album “His and Hers” that would eerily coincide with the couples soon to be story; “When I’m Gone” is a beautiful yet heart wrenching song about surviving the death of the love of your life. While the album charted, the song was not hugely successful until the couple re-released it on their final studio album; released shortly before cancer took the life of Joey.  The album titled “Hymns That Are Important to Us” reached #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums and Top Christian Albums.

Not long before Joey’s diagnosis, Rory began documenting the life he shared with his wife using his iPhone, iPad and Canon 70d camera; posting photographs and videos on a blog he created,  He originally created the blog to share the couple’s ideas to live off the land and the experience of becoming a father again.  Not long after he started the blog though the couple received the devastating news that Joey had cancer. Rory continued to blog about his life with Joey & their new daughter Indiana, who was born with down syndrome, Joey’s ups and downs in her fight with the evil disease, their unfailing faith and ultimately Joey’s defeat.  As the number 7 is lucky for some, 4 would be the Feek’s unlucky number as Joey succumbed to stage 4 cervical cancer on March 4, 2016 at the age of 40.

In June, Rory announced on his blog that he was releasing a documentary to honor his wife’s memory.  The film titled “To Joey With Love” will be released in select theaters nationwide for one night only on September 20th, with a second encore viewing available October 6th.  The film features footage from Rory’s home videos and is a tribute to his late wife’s life.  Tickets are available on

Rory has also been busy finishing up a book he had been hoping to write for a while.  He was repeatedly turned down by publishers until news of Joey’s cancer sparked their interest.  Rory states roughly the first half of the book is written about the first 35 or so years of his life before he met Joey.  The second half is about how he found her and she changed his world;  it “is a book about a man so lost, it’s a miracle that he was ever found.”  The book which shares Rory’s blog title “This Life I Live” is set to be released on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2017 and is available for pre-order now.

Joey + Rory’s story of undying love and faith has touched so many lives. Rory’s strength since the death of his love is inspiring.  He continues to photograph and share his story on his blog.  The couple deservingly has been nominated for 2016 CMA Vocal Duo of the Year and Mainstream Inspirational Country Song by The Inspirational Country Music Association for “When I’m Gone.”  

Watch the video for “When I’m Gone” here:

Keep up with Rory on his blog and follow him on the couple’s social media accounts via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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