New Music Alert: The Swon Brothers Release New EP “Timeless”

The Swon Brothers suprised fans with their NEW EP release on Friday January 29th and in a matter of hours the EP hit the #2 spot on the Country iTunes Chart!

In the year since their self-titled debut release, the Oklahoma duo The Swon Brothers have racked up hundreds of shows, written with many of Nashville’s top tunesmiths, and connected with thousands of fans across the globe, and their latest EP, TIMELESS is a great reflection of the growth and experiences that have shaped them since they first started their musical journey years ago.

The new collection provides a glimpse into the boys’ more soulful side with a sound that truly mirrors where they are musically at this moment in time, and they are eager to deliver this new crop of tunes to fans as they embark on the Carrie Underwood tour for 40-plus dates opening for the female vocal powerhouse and their longtime friend.

I don’t think we set out to create a certain sound for this record,” comments Colton Swon, “But we did set out to let what we were feeling be heard, and we kind of really put our brains and minds to work and asked, where do we live, where do we feel comfortable singing, and what makes us shine the most? It really embody’s our heart and soul. Plus we had the opportunity to co-write every song on this new EP and it makes a real difference for sure.”

A testament to their immense talent and creativity is the fact that the duo not only penned every song on TIMELESS but also played most of the instruments you hear on the recording. Like their debut CD, they also co-produced the tracks themselves with an assist on a few from renowned producer|songwriter ,Derek George, and up and coming producer|bandmate, Joe Henderson.

The Swon Brothers clearly have a sense of who they are and where they would like to head in the format, and that direction is well-defined and evident on the six-song EP. From the high energy harmonies of “Just Another Girl,” to the yearning ache of “Killin’ Me,” and the fun, roll-down-memory-lane feel of “Throwback,” the album features the Swons at the top of their vocal game and ready to reach new heights as they embark upon this new chapter of their career.

Artists naturally evolve over the years and people’s sounds naturally change a little bit, but I think we’ve found a musical sweet spot, where we like to sing and play, and at this time it just happens to be capturing music with a little soulful flair,” explains Zach about the new feel of their music. “We put of ourselves into this record, recording much of it in our home studio and playing instruments on the majority of the tracks. A lot of love went into this record, and we hope our current fans like it and that we make some new ones because of it.”

Complete Track Listing
The Swon Brothers1. Just Another Girl – Written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon, Jordan Schmidt and Cole Taylor / Produced by Derek George and The Swon Brothers

2. Nobody –   Written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon, Micha Wilshire and Rick Ferrell / Produced by Joe Henderson and The Swon Brothers

3. Throwback – Written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon and Derek George / Produced by Derek George and The Swon Brothers

4. Timeless – Written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon, Chris Roberts and Jason Gantt / Produced by Joe Henderson and The Swon Brothers

5. Killing Me – Written by Zach Swon, Colton Swon and Chris Destefano / Produced by Derek George and The Swon Brothers

6. You Got Somebody – Written by Zach Swon and Micha Wilshire / Produced by Joe Henderson and The Swon Brothers.

For more information on The Swon Brothers, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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