Merle Haggard’s Final Song Dropping Thursday, May 12th

It has been a month since Merle Haggard lost his battle with pneumonia. While in the hospital and having to cancel tour stops, he was spending his final days writing new music.

His final song “Kern River Blues” was released retrospectively today, Thursday, May 12th. Fans can check out the song on Merle’s website or via iTunes, according to an announcement made by Haggard’s manager, Tresa Redburn.

Ten percent of all of the proceeds from the sale of the song will go to aid homeless charities, Redburn stated.

“Kern River Blues” has already debuted on SiriusXM Channel “Willie’s Roadhouse”, the station of Merle’s good friend, Willie Nelson. The channel whose name was changed to “Merle’s Roadhouse” the weekend of his passing.

The lyrics of the song were also read at Merle’s memorial in Bakersfield by Haggard’s sister Lillian.

Known for songs that challenged government and politicians, Haggard did not stray far from what was close to his heart and you get the same feeling from “Kern River Blues.” Oildale residents and fans of his work in general said his songs were about the “truth and someone needs to stick it to the man”.

He was very true to his heart, you can tell that what he’s singing about is his life,” Tina Dwyer said.

Well, they used to have Kern River Runnin’ deep and wide|Then somebody stole the water|Another politician lied…

I think that is fantastic! And still making us proud, making Bakersfield proud…I know he’s rockin’ up there [in heaven] about that,” Dwyer said.

Locals are looking forward to hearing the new song, saying Haggard would have wanted it to be released.

Listen to “Kern River Blues” Here:

R.I.P Merle….thanks for giving us one last song! You may be gone, but will never be forgotten.


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