Meet Country Music’s Young Rising Star Queeva

You are never to old…or to young to pursue your dreams and Queeva is a testament to exactly that….she may only be 14-years-old, but the young country artists possesses drive, vision and a dedication to her craft that far exceeds her years. Not only is she blessed with an reminiscent voice she is also blessed with a gift for writing insightful, heartfelt lyrics.

She has performed at a variety of music festivals and impressed songwriters with much more experience than her as well as performing at writer’s in the round events. She’s developed a comfortable presence in the studio that makes it easy for her to unleash her confident and vibrant voice.

Get to know a little more about the rising young star here!

On what is it like being so young in the country music industry…

It is pretty awesome being so young in the industry because I am able to start sharing my music with others at a younger age.

On the inspiration behind her new single “Life Like A Song”…

I wanted to write a song that talked about what music means to me and how it’s a universal language for everyone. These days there are so many people who feel alone, especially my age, and I just wanted to remind them that they are never alone; music is always something that is there for them to turn to whenever they are feeling down. I really hope that is the message my fans take away from this single; you are never alone! Music is something that I know I can always turn to. I was inspired to share that message with everyone because in my opinion it is very important to remember that. 

On her approach on writing music…

When I was about 9 years old, Jamie O’Neal introduced me to songwriting. I had seen how Taylor Swift would write her own songs and they would impact other people. I wanted to do the same thing, so I would write about things that I saw happening around me. Sometimes I write about things that I see happening at school, or just the way I’m feeling about something.

On who has had the biggest influence on her music…

At the moment, the biggest influence on my music would be Maren Morris because of her unique melodies in her songs that are so catchy! She also inspires me vocally because she has such great range and a beautiful tone in her voice. 

On her dream collaboration…who it would be and why…

If I could collaborate with any artist, it would be Thomas Rhett because he has such an awesome voice and I think it would be cool to do a collaboration with a male artist. I feel like collaborating with a male artist makes the song more interesting because of the different ranges each artist has. 

On what would excite and encourage her  that would help bring her music to the top of America’s Country radio charts…

Something that would really excite me is if your readers and fans would be able to listen and be able to relate to “Live Like A Song”. It is such an important song to me and that would make me SUPER happy if people would give it a listen and tell me their thoughts on the song. 

On where she sees herself in the next 5 years as an artist…

Hopefully in 5 years I will be on tour somewhere performing for a huge crowd; that would be so awesome. 

On what her fans can expect from her next…

I will hopefully be releasing an EP probably sometime during late summer. I can’t wait for my fans to hear what I’ve been working on and have some new songs to listen to!

One fun fact about you her we didn’t know

A fun fact about me that my fans may not know is that I was in an episode of a TV series called Chicago Fire when I was nine, and I was also in a build-a-bear commercial when I was ten. I had so much fun on set when filming and loved working with other talented actors/actresses.

To stay up-to-date on what Queeva is up to and for more information, visit her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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