Maren Morris Drives In Another Hit With “80s Mercedes” In Her New Video!

Maren Morris

Maren Morris recently released a music video featuring her second hit single titled “80s Mercedes” from her #1 debut album “Hero”.

Previously Morris caught our attention with her first single “My Church”, which reached #5 on the US Hot Country Charts.  The music video for the song featured Morris basking in a 70s Mercedes convertible on a relaxing drive down country roads while blaring country music classics.  The soulful country song figuratively refers to the feeling of redemption from driving in the car with the top down and listening to great tunes; which could be compared to the feeling one gets from going to church on a Sunday morning.

The video for “80s Mercedes” also features Morris enjoying a drive in a flashy Mercedes convertible.  It begins with Morris soaking in a surrealistic sunset while cruising the highway in a $235,000 80s Mercedes SL Roadster. The scene lightly mimics the opening scene from ‘American Gigolo’ where Richard Gere drives a similar Mercedes.  Next Maren is seen with friends reveling in a drive through a neon cityscape sporting Ray Bans and crop tops.  

With references like these the song is definitely a nostalgic walk down memory lane for those from the era; yet the lyrics are strong enough to keep the attention of other generations.  Maren herself was born a decade later inspiring the catchy hook “I’m a nineties baby, in my eighties Mercedes”.  A modern throwback, the song crosses genres by marrying an upbeat pop style with hints of country; creating a feel good Saturday night party song.  

Born in Texas, Morris moved to Nashville to pursue a singer/songwriter career.  Though she has only recently appeared in the spotlight, Morris has 3 previous albums; the first released in 2005! Through the years Morris has penned songs for some of music’s biggest names including Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson and the TV Show ‘Nashville’.

She signed to Columbia Nashville in 2015 where she accelerated into the spotlight with her latest album and is currently touring with multi Grammy Award winner Keith Urban.  Although it is obvious Maren has a love for classic Mercedes, you might be surprised to hear she actually drives a Prius!  No matter what day of the week it is or what she is driving, we are sure to see a lot more of Maren Morris with her clever lyrics and genre bending tunes in the future!

Watch the official video for “80’s Mercedes” here:

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Written by Josie Bisto for Country Music Pride

References: Wikipedia, Billboard & Iheart Radio


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