Luke Bryan Releases Romantic New Video For “Strip It Down”

It’s been two months since Luke Bryan debuted his latest single, “Strip it Down”, during a live performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Now Luke Bryan has released the video for the sultry single.

Co-written by Bryan and inspired by his wife, Caroline, “Strip It Down” may be one of the more passionate songs on his latest album, but don’t be fooled by its title, Bryan managed to keep the video more on the romantic side and a little less sexy. And no, no one is actually “stripping it down” in this video.

Bryan’s “Strip It Down” video tells the story of two couples: one in the big city, the other on a farm (filmed on Bryan’s own farm at that…) where the two trade places for a romantic evening. The video begins with the two men having a conversation on the phone, making sure everything is planned out for their steamy night with their significant others.

The two switch places with each another to mix it up with new scenery, and enjoy a much needed, out of the ordinary night togheter. The country couple enjoys a night out in the big city, with the lights and fancy restaurants, while the other couple enjoys nature, taking a stroll outside under the starry sky.

“Strip It Down” is the second single off Bryan’ “Kill the Lights” album, released August 7th.

I’m loving where I’m at with this album,” the singer says. “It’s got new sounds, stuff that I haven’t done, but it’s also got some really, really country stuff on it, too, that kind of solidifies what I’m about and what I love. So I feel like I covered all my bases.”

He’s been taking a break from the “Kick the Dust Up Tour” to play some shows as part of his annual Farm Tour. Luke has not encountered the best of weather while out on the tour, resulting in the cancellation of two of the planned shows.

Bryan’s “Kick The Dust Up Tour” will come to an end later this month.


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