Lorrie Morgan Releases Video Track-By-Track For Her Reflective New Album, “Letting Go… Slow”

Days after the release of her first solo album in five years, multiple Female Vocalist of the Year Award winner Lorrie Morgan opens up about the stories behind “Letting Go… Slow”, including “Strange,” which can be viewed exclusively on Country Weekly.com, and “Spilt Milk” which premiered exclusively on The Boot.com.

The country songstress speaks of her emotional connection to each song, giving fans an inside perspective of the creative process behind the highly anticipated album. More exclusive content from “Letting Go… Slow” is available on Lorrie.com.

Every song on this album are songs that I have lived,” states Morgan in the exclusive content.

Perhaps her most personal work to date, the album consists largely of the signature ballads Morgan has been known for throughout her storied career.

Where I am in my life right now, I’m not afraid to express what I feel, or what I don’t feel,” Lorrie said, evident in her emotional recount of the effect each song had on her for many years.

From emotionally charged covers of old favorites like “Strange,” “Ode To Billie Joe,” and “I’ve Done Enough Dying Today,” to potential new classics such as “Jesus and Hairspray,” “Lonely Whiskey,” and “How Does It Feel,” Morgan has an intimate story to tell for each track in the compilation.

‘Letting Go… Slow’ Complete Track Listing:Lorrie Morgan Letting Go

  1. Strange
  2. Ode To Billy Joe
  3. It Is Raining At Your House?
  4. Something About Trains
  5. I’ve Done Enough Dying Today
  6. Lay Lady Lay
  7. Slow
  8. Spilt Milk
  9. Jesus and Hairspray
  10. Lonely Whiskey
  11. What I’d Say
  12. How Does It Feel

For more information on Lorrie Morgan and to stay up-to-date on all of her happenings in support of “Letting Go… Slow, please visit lorrie.com.


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