Listen Here: Hot Country Tracks In Honor Of Mardi Gras This Week

Mardi Gras is here! Which means it’s time for the grand parade of all parades…in New Orleans that is. There will be bright and dazzling costumes, massive floats, huge parties and colorful beads that will probably litter the streets and get clogged in street drains in the celebration’s aftermath.

If you’re unable to find some time and energy to step out and join in with the Mardi Gras celebrations, you can always elect for the easier task…find yourself a good Mardi Gras playlist! Here is a handy Mardi Gras playlist for this year’s celebrations for you to enjoy.

Check it out below…

1. Riley Roth – “Friendly”

2. Heath Sanders – “Down on the South”

3. LYRX – “Take the Money”

4. Blue Honey – “Sweet Rebellion”

5. Liddy Clark – “I Hope You Dance”

6. Jade Eagleson – “Count the Ways”

7. Jordan Rager – “Georgia Boy”

8. Timmy Dunn – “Kentucky Grown”

9. Smithfield – “Our World”

10. Dylan Schneider- “How Does It Sound”

We hope you y’all have a safe and fun Mardi Gras! Enjoy the music!


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